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The Prospects tool is one of my favorites from the HubSpot Sales suite. It allows users to gain insight into those people visiting their websites and to use that information in a variety of strategic ways.

Interestingly, the most recent State of Inbound report from HubSpot revealed that 38% of salespeople struggle most with prospecting. Without a doubt, this tool is meant to make their jobs a lot easier – it's just a matter of effectively using it! If you work in sales or business development, and prospecting has begun to feel like a chore, this post offers a few quick tips and strategies for success leveraging the HubSpot Prospects tool.

Tip #1: Identify companies ready for a sales touch.

Being able to view all the companies who are visiting your site is enlightening! The Prospects tool allows you to sort and identify visitors in several productive ways. I recommend creating views based on your sales strategy. Views are created by selecting contact properties that align with your goals.

For example, I like to focus my sales efforts on our primary buyer personas and ideal company size. I created and saved a view that included all contact properties that align with qualities of our target buyer, including industry, job role and the company's number of employees. I then enabled revisit notifications in the Customize tab, so I’m alerted any time these prime contacts are on our website. This image illustrates what this view looks like in HubSpot.

HubSpot Prospects Tool – Visits

Another example of identifying prospects via a customized view is to sort by territory or state. For instance, if you are responsible for driving sales in Michigan, you’ll probably want to track all viable visitors from that state.

Tip #2: Perform on-the-spot research.

The Prospects tools is a perfect place to determine if a company is worth pursuing. Directly from the Prospects dashboard, you can preview key metrics about any company: pinpoint what pages they’ve been viewing, see the length of time for which they’ve visited your site, etc.

HubSpot Prospects Tool – Click to Preview

HubSpot Prospects Tool – Company Preview Example

With a click of a button, you can also quickly check them out on LinkedIn for contacts you might know who work there or other company traits. If you decide they're a business worth tracking, add them as a company in the HubSpot CRM, and start integrating the other tools into your sales activity.

Tip #3: Find related prospects.

HubSpot's prospecting tool uses an algorithm to identify similar companies to the ones you're tracking. So while researching your visitors, you're also able to scroll down to the "related companies" and follow the same research and business development step described above. To be more selective with your time and research, only view recommended companies based on your best matches. To cast a wider net, use more liberal criteria.

HubSpot Prospects Tool – Related Companies

Tip #4: Gauge lead engagement.

This prospecting tool also offers insights into lead engagement. If you're in the midst of the sales process with a particular company and you see visits from that company, you may be able to infer that they're considering your offer, even if they may not be communicating as much as you would like.

Depending on what pages they're looking at, your knowledge of their activity can help you position your next outreach with added value. Survey results have shown that both primary research data relevant to a prospect's business and content customized to the prospect's specific situation heavily influence them to accept a meeting or otherwise connect.

HubSpot Prospects Tool – Lead Engagement Insights

Tip #5: Obtain competitor insights.

Another creative way to use the Prospects tool is to gather competitive intelligence. Create a view that contains your competitors, and set an alert for when they visit. Intelligence on the frequency and page visits of your competitors, especially during key business cycles, can be quite informative.

We’d love to hear how YOU are using the HubSpot Prospects tool! Let us know in the comments below. And happy hunting!

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