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Behind the Curtain: 7 Copywriting Techniques I Swear By

Written by Robyn Bradley on August 26, 2016

One of my colleagues recently pointed out that I've been working as a freelance copywriter since 2002.

"Before Twitter and Facebook," she said. "Before Google was even a verb." Then, she giggled and asked me about the copywriting "rules" I've learned over the last fourteen years.

Here's the annoying thing about "rules":  you can spend all your time learning them, only to have someone come along who proves why the rules don't matter. So today, I'm not going to talk about rules. Instead, I'm going to dig deep, think about my last decade-plus in the biz, and share copywriting techniques I swear by.

Here we go…

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Topics: Content Marketing, Blogging

Emails Not Sending? It Could Be Your Email Reputation

Written by Sheila Villalobos on August 25, 2016

It’s true. Even your email has a reputation. And if you don’t manage it, all of that effort to create a great email and enticing subject line could be going to waste—or worse—getting you in trouble with CAN-SPAM laws. Internet Service Providers, or ISPs, use a number of factors to determine an email sender’s reputation. If you break many of those, they won’t allow you to reach your contact’s inbox. And if you can’t reach their inbox, how will they know about your awesome content or great offer?

If you’re suffering from a bad case of email deliverability, know that it can get better—and not with getting some rest and drinking plenty of fluids. Here’s the scoop…

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Topics: Email Marketing

Professional Services Marketing: How We Build Client Relationships

Written by Robyn Bradley on August 24, 2016

We've talked a lot about the professional services marketing we've done for Management Mentors.

Today, we invited Rene Petrin, owner of Management Mentors, to sit down and chat with us about the relationship we've built with him over the last ten years.


Well, when we begin working with a client, we're always hoping it turns into a long-term engagement, one that is rich and rewarding for both sides.

What better way to give people a sense of the client relationships we strive to build than by going directly to one of the sources?

Here's Rene and me…

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Topics: Marketing for Professional Services

Why We Love HubSpot Analytics (Part 3) – HubSpot CTA Analytics

Written by Susan LaPlante-Dube on August 19, 2016

When you’re looking at data in your HubSpot portal on a weekly or monthly basis, it’s easy to focus on the king of all reports, the Sources Report. Of course, it’s fun to see those traffic and conversion numbers rising, to learn which parts of your marketing efforts are paying off, to drill down and see how particular keywords are doing... it’s truly the centerpiece of HubSpot analytics.

But hanging around in other parts of your portal are lesser known bits of data that can really help improve your marketing efforts. Call-to-Action buttons (CTAs) are relatively unassuming, sometimes an afterthought (“oh we need a CTA for that”), and often set up and forgotten. Today we are going to give these little guys their time in the spotlight!

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Topics: Measuring Results / Analytics, HubSpot

4 Reasons to Take B2B Social Media Marketing Seriously

Written by Jessica Tambascio on August 18, 2016

Nearly every digitally savvy company in business today takes advantage of social media marketing in one way or another. Whether it be sending out a few tweets per week, sharing content and photos relevant to the industry or directly engaging with customers, SMB marketers are really beginning to grasp the true importance of social media to their lead generation and branding efforts.

That being said, there still exists the misconception that social media marketing is only useful for B2C companies or larger B2B brands. Particularly B2B companies in niche manufacturing, technology or construction fields sometimes fall into the laggard category in terms of their social presence, less than convinced that B2B social media marketing can make a difference. But this is hardly the case! Here’s a quick look at why B2B marketers should be taking social media seriously, no matter their industry.

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Topics: Social Media Marketing

Effective SEO Services in 2016 – 5 Tips from the Experts

Written by Alysa Wax on August 9, 2016

If you are involved with marketing your business, or marketing is part of your job description, there's a very great chance you'll be considering investing in SEO services. As with many digital marketing categories, SEO rules and tactics are continually changing, and keeping up with the latest tools and trends is a lot easier said than done.

Today we want to talk about what the experts are considering to be contributing factors to effective SEO services in 2016. To do this, we've scoured the web to gain insight from some of the leaders and influencers in SEO. Here’s what we found:

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Topics: Search Engine Optimization

Website Redesign Spotlight: Senior Living SMART

Written by Robyn Bradley on August 4, 2016

We started working with Senior Living SMART in the summer of 2015. This startup is geared towards—you guessed it—the senior living industry, specifically the people who work in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and so forth.

Founded by two energetic women with decades of industry experience, SLS provides a subscription based service that offers its members the latest and greatest information, tools, and resources that they need to run, market, and improve their senior living communities. In addition, SLS researches vendors, partners with the best of the bunch, and negotiates discounts for its members. (Think discounts on things like CRMs and live chat tools.)

As you can probably tell, SLS has many moving parts: three-tiered member subscriptions, partner program (also with three tiers), partner directory, free content, and premium content for members only. Just to name a few items.

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Topics: Customer Stories, Website & Graphic Design

Marketing Fail: When You Don't Know Your Audience...

Written by Susan LaPlante-Dube on August 3, 2016

I recently experienced an epic email marketing fail. When it happened, I sent the offending example to the entire PMG team and knew I had to write a post about it. I will share my experience here in the hopes of saving you from your own email marketing fail!

Somehow I managed to make it onto an email marketing list of a company I had never interacted with. I can't say this is terribly uncommon; it's likely you've experienced unsolicited email yourself at some point and you quickly unsubscribed. In this case, I had not been to their site to download anything, I did not subscribe to their newsletter, blog or any other form of content, and I had never met anyone from the company. In fact, I hadn't heard about this company before (nor the services they provide), but I didn’t unsubscribe right away because I was a tad curious about who they were, and I was actually meaning to check out their site.

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Topics: Relationship Marketing

And the Best B2B Content Marketing Infographic Award Goes to...

Written by Lori Dickey on July 29, 2016

Summertime isn’t typically awards season, but it’s a great time to brush up on your B2B content marketing strategy! Infographics are everywhere these days, and it’s easy to see why they’re so popular. Information presented in a visual manner is much easier to digest than reading through ten pages of text. Of course, content marketing is a hot topic, not to mention something that every business should be addressing. That said, I now present you with the 5 nominees for the best B2B content marketing infographic award!

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Topics: Content Marketing, Website & Graphic Design

One Reason Your Persuasive Advertising Efforts Are Failing

Written by Patrick McDaniel on July 28, 2016

Are the visitors to your website responding positively to your marketing message? When they don’t, one reason might be an often overlooked communication disconnect.

Although this mistake is common, you can reduce the occurrences… and effectively move your prospect toward closure.

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Topics: Marketing Strategy and Planning, Sales