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Thanksgiving is nearly here, and I’m already anticipating the post-holiday feast. You know, the day after Thanksgiving, when you get to enjoy all the leftovers, minus the quirky relatives and endless traffic. As an industrial marketing writer, I like to compare this second feast to repurposing good marketing content. After all, why spend hours and hours crafting a perfect holiday meal to only enjoy it once? Why not savor it a second time? Or even a third? 

Whether replating a good meal, or repurposing good content, the goal is the same; to turn the original blockbuster into an even better sequel. And it often comes down to presentation.  I have an uncle who famously throws all of the day’s leftovers into a big pot, mixes and… whatever will be, will be. Then there’s my brother-in-law, the chef, who lovingly turns his leftovers into an all-new epicurean wonder (guess where we prefer to eat?). The bottom line is to not simply reheat your leftovers, but to transform them!

We’ve got 3 proven recipes to help you leverage your industrial marketing leftovers:

1. Start with a thorough content inventory.

This process may take some time initially, but it’s a critical first step to helping you create an effective content marketing strategy. Just as you wouldn’t shop without first taking an inventory of your pantry, why create new content without knowing what you already have in your content “pantry”? Start with a simple spreadsheet, and list all of your existing marketing resources (white papers, case studies, videos, sales sheets, etc.). You’ll also want to note important details like the date the piece was created, and the intended buyer persona. Also include if items are gated behind a landing page. You can review effective landing page conversion strategies here. These items can help you determine if older materials are still relevant. Once you have an inventory, then it’s time to…

2. Analyze and identify opportunities.

Using your HubSpot Analytics (or whichever platform data you use), get tracking! Take a look at which of your campaign pieces are driving organic search. Then look for opportunities to leverage these pieces by repurposing and repackaging them. In the industrial marketing sector, much of the content is technical in nature and does not change much over time ― this is your evergreen content. Look for opportunities to refresh this valuable content. Transform a white paper offer with a new optimized landing page and CTA. Or using updated keywords, your technical content can be easily morphed into a series of blog posts full of tips and tutorials. Look for the holes in your content inventory, and fill them in.  

3. Promote your “new” content, and then create more.

Now that you’ve taken the time to repurpose your old content, promote it via new channels. With a little creativity, old content can be refreshed to help you drive new traffic and conversions. Consider sponsored updates to extend your reach. Uncover industry hashtags you may not have used, or create a new infographic to publish. Always be on the lookout for new opportunities to market your content. Did you know that the first Friday of October is National Manufacturing Day? What an ideal time to promote an industrial marketing offer on social media channels. In marketing, just as in cooking, creativity and presentation count!

Need a delicious new recipe for Thanksgiving leftovers? Unfortunately, we’re not the Food Network. Want to ignite your industrial marketing content from a slow simmer to vigorous boil? Let’s dish!

And Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at PMG!

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Denise Locke | Content Marketer
Denise Locke, Content Marketer

Denise Locke has been a Content Marketer and Marketing Technical Writer at PMG since 2008. She’s a content transformation master, specializing in turning dry information into exciting, interesting copy that engages engineers and stray readers alike. Industrial manufacturing copywriter by day, analytics tracker by night, Denise breathes all things technical – and loves making content that will be relevant in the industry for years to come.

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