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Video marketing – is it worth it? 

Why should my company bother? 

How do we even get started

Have you embraced the power of video marketing with lights, camera, action ― or are you more inclined to inaction?

Video, when done properly, can be a powerful addition to your marketing toolbox. Just how powerful? Check out these statistics citing the benefits of video marketing:

  • Video drives a 157% increase in organic traffic from search engines - Brightcove
  • Videos on a landing page can increase conversions by 80% or more - Visually
  • 62% of Google searches include video - MarketingLand

Interesting? We think so. Heck, even Mark Zuckerberg predicts that 90% of the social network’s content will be video-based by 2018. Putting cute kitten and baby clips aside, video delivers huge benefits to marketers whether you’re selling in the B2B or B2C space.

Here are just a few of the reasons why we love video as a marketing tool:

1. Compelling Meets Credible

Plain and simple, video can be a compelling way for your viewers to process information. And it gives them a “peek behind the curtain” into your company culture ― maybe even your company headquarters. Want to explain how your products are made? Show a demonstration from the manufacturing floor. Interview the folks who make them (though careful scripting can keep everyone on topic). With the right personalities, you can build credible, compelling content.

Video marketing lets you show your product story in a way that simply telling it through words just can’t match.

2. Timely Meets Technical

Users who view your content rather than just read it also spend longer amounts of time on your website (hello conversion rate!). This is particularly true for industrial marketing companies who may have products that are, um, less than exciting. Have a highly technical product for a niche industry? An explainer video can demonstrate how your product works in a step-by-step format that can be easily digested. Check out our partner’s video explaining their approach to custom fabricating plastic components.

Your customers are more apt to watch a how-to mobile video rather read long blocks of technical text. But before you hit play and pass the popcorn, keep in mind that brevity is king. Statistics vary on just how long videos should be, but two-to-three minutes seems to be the sweet spot before engagement drops. 

3. Personality Meets Promotion

Of course your goal is to promote your product and your company, but video lets you build some personality into your promotion. After all, humor goes a long way in building relationships. Who doesn’t love the fun tone of the “Will It Blend?” series? In this installment of blending glow sticks, the tone is joking, but the promotional angle is clear as the glow sticks illuminate the blender’s product name once the lights are dimmed. Personality and promotion (and a little persuasion) are all key benefits of video marketing.

4. Inspiration Meets Insight 

Wondering which topics to feature in your video marketing? We’ve got some insight; in many cases, the answers can be found right in your site analytics. Is there a blog post that is visited most often? What about questions posted to an Ask the Experts portal? All of these are excellent sources of inspiration and evergreen content. 

Another benefit of video marketing? Adding even a few videos to your site can quickly build to an entire video library you can promote across your social channels. You can even promote your videos in your email signature!

5. Value Meets Validation 

Depending on your production, videos can be a good way to stretch your marketing budget without sacrificing quality. Video presents an opportunity to validate your customers’ pain points and demonstrate a solution. Good use of presenter eye contact, catchy graphics, and product close-ups are also good ways to build value that will resonate with your audience. And never underestimate the value of good animation in a comparison video (see a client's example below). Need to promote a white paper? Shoot a video highlighting how the paper solves your targeted buyer’s challenges.

So what’s the bottom line on video marketing? Our recommendation it to just take action! You’ll have fun, build credibility, and very likely, accrue conversions along the way. Need help getting started? Connect with the inbound marketing experts, and we’ll set you up for some Oscar-worthy video marketing!

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Denise Locke | Content Marketer
Denise Locke, Content Marketer

Denise Locke has been a Content Marketer and Marketing Technical Writer at PMG since 2008. She’s a content transformation master, specializing in turning dry information into exciting, interesting copy that engages engineers and stray readers alike. Industrial manufacturing copywriter by day, analytics tracker by night, Denise breathes all things technical – and loves making content that will be relevant in the industry for years to come.

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