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If you’re a HubSpot user, you’ve probably heard about GrowthBot. If you haven’t, keep reading—GrowthBot is for non-HubSpot users, too! It’s a free chatbot that was created by Dharmesh Shah (one of HubSpot’s founders) just last year. Its primary goal is to help marketers, sales professionals, and others trying to grow their businesses with easy access to information and services.

Basically—you can chat with a robot that knows a lot about marketing and business via Facebook Messenger, Twitter, and Slack. How? GrowthBot connects a variety of systems, like Google Analytics and HubSpot, in order to provide users with handy information. We’ve been playing around with GrowBot since it launched. Here’s where it can really help you shine.

Tip: Add GrowthBot to your Facebook Messenger, Twitter, or Slack so that you can try it as you read along!

GrowthBot and Your Business’s Marketing

This chatbot can instantly display information about your company that would otherwise take you longer to manually pull. It can also help with your marketing in several ways. Here are a few examples:

  • Need new ideas for your company blog or social media content? Ask about what’s trending in your industry! You can also ask for top posts from a certain website to see what’s most interesting to your target audience. 


  • Want to engage in timely industry conversations in the social media world? Search for social media influencers from a specific industry or location.
  • If you’re looking to better optimize your website, ask GrowthBot for the keywords you rank for and compare them to keywords similar organizations are ranking for.
  • Want to know how your organic website traffic is doing this month? Ask GrowthBot in this format, “What’s organic traffic?”

Ask for Help When Sales Prospecting

When it comes to prospecting, research is vital. GrowthBot can help you cut down on research time and even provide information that’s not easily found on the web. Try searching for:

  • Company info and size
  • And info on target contacts at a company


Other useful commands for prospecting:
  • What software does use?
  • Watch company for updates

While You’re at It, Why Not Do Competitor Research?

Conducting competitor research is necessary if you want to know where you stand in your industry and in the eyes of your consumers. You can use GrowthBot to help you compare yourself in various ways. Take the insights to analyze your business and make necessary changes.

  • Does your competitor seem to be moving at a faster pace? It might be the tools they’re using. Ask GrowthBot, “what software is using?”


  • Perhaps social media is a factor. Find out which social site is the most effective for driving traffic to your competitor’s site.


  • You can also see how much your competitors are spending monthly to advertise online, what platforms they’re using, and how many keywords they’re buying. You can even get a list of the keywords they’re buying, as well as the cost per keyword!


  • If you want to learn more about who your competitors are, see who pops up under the terminology you use to describe your company. You can also check what keywords they rank for.


Disclaimer: GrowthBot Is Still in Early Beta

By this time, I’m sure you’ve seen that this chatbot doesn’t have ALL the answers, or that it may not have the most accurate information in some cases. GrowthBot is still in early beta so often you’ll get answers that look like this.


Dharmesh warns us on the GrowthBot website that we may experience some hiccups. To continue working towards making the tool the best it can be, you can directly email Dharmesh with any feedback.


Once you add GrowthBot, you’ll notice that from time to time, you’ll receive notifications about new "skills" Growthbot has developed—allowing you to get even deeper into your marketing research. Here are some recent updates.


For a free tool, this little guy has some serious power. If you’ve extracted as much as you could from GrowthBot and now need to learn how to use the information provided, let us know! We can help you put a plan in action.

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Sheila Villalobos, Account Manager

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