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Messaging apps are quickly becoming the most popular way for people to communicate. Unlike a phone call, consumers are often more responsive to receiving text messages and are actually more likely to perceive a company contacting them via text in a positive light. In fact, across 8 markets surveyed globally, 51 percent of people agreed that messaging has replaced other forms of communication.

With such a shift occurring, businesses are now looking for the best way to engage with customers and prospects—using their preferred channels of communication. There are many apps out there that can help you do the job, but here we cover a few of the strongest. The following four messaging apps are worth looking into if your team is pursuing a more modern approach to marketing.

1. Heymarket

Heymarket is a business messaging tool that appeals to customer support, sales, operations and marketing departments alike. Its functionality is punctuated by shared inboxes where various groups can communicate with anyone, and different groups can also have their own dedicated inbox. Considering a good user experience for a prospect typically entails cutting out any extraneous steps they might encounter, one advantage Heymarket boasts is that contacts never have to install an app and will receive messages as they normally do—through text or Facebook. Chats can be assigned to different team members, where you can set reminders to contact or reply and schedule messages to be sent later. What's more, internal notes can be added, and templates can be created for commonly used messages so they can be sent immediately.

2. Quiq

Quiq is a messaging tool for customer service teams, enabling companies to communicate with their customers through the channel they're already accustomed to using—whether that's Facebook Messenger, Twitter, SMS texting, etc. On the backend, Quiq provides one place to receive and respond to customer inquiries quickly and efficiently. Messages can be accepted, marked as spam or declined and are prioritized by the level of activity of the sender. You also have the option to easily convert phone calls to text messaging, and you can collaborate with or transfer conversations to other team members. Managers have their own dashboard where they can view all team members and their performance to be sure they are meeting their goals. Not to mention Quiq also integrates with popular CRM systems, increasing the effectiveness of the tool.

3. Cliq

That hard "q" must be really trending, huh? Another messaging app called Cliq boasts a chat feature that allows you to have multiple chat windows open at a time, in the same view, in a visually pleasing line. It features real time messaging and file sharing right through the chat window. What's handly about it is that different channels can be created for different projects or clients. You can also make audio or video calls right from the channel. Plus, all chats are searchable so you can easily find the information you’re looking for should you need to reference an old conversation. 

4. Facebook Messenger

Yes, pretty much everyone knows about Facebook Messenger. But it is, without a doubt, one of the best ways to reach your customers. Facebook has 1 billion active monthly users! Why not communicate with them where they spend so much time? With Facebook Messenger you can connect with your customers and learn more about them. And these days, you can even leverage chatbots to handle simple tasks (taking orders, updating shipping information, etc.), increasing overall efficiency. Along similar lines, you can even encourage contacts to subscribe to your channel by including a link to your chatbot in emails or as a way to obtain a coupon or another incentive.

There are countless messaging apps out there, and it may take some trial and error to find the one that works best for you and your team. The key is to keep the interaction personal and be responsive and attentive in order to increase trust. The more comfortable your customers are with contacting you and the faster you can respond to them, the more valuable your business will be in their mind. Have you discovered a messaging app you can't live without? Share in the comments!

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