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As marketers, we need to develop excellent marketing strategies that produce tangible results. Most of us have the strategy part down pat. But figuring out how to show those big marketing success stories so that your boss or coworkers get it and say, “Give that marketer a raise!” – THAT can be a challenge.

But don’t fret, dear ones. I’m here to provide 4 easy tips for highlighting your marketing successes so that other members of your organization understand the value you’re delivering.

1. Marketing dashboards are your friends.

I know... the word “dashboard” can sometimes instill fear in people. But here’s the thing: a clear, compelling dashboard can easily demonstrate to your boss the results you’re producing on the company's behalf. This happened recently to me during a client call. The client was so impressed with the simple dashboard that showed year-over-year results regarding web traffic, blog views and the like that he asked for us to send a copy so he could share it with his executive team. THAT is the power of compelling dashboards.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. How do you create an effective dashboard? At PMG, we’ve recently begun digging around Databox to see how we can use this awesome reporting platform for putting our analytics on display. And, so far, we’re pretty big fans. I’ll be honest, there is a bit of a learning curve, but mostly that’s due to the large amount of data and integrations available. So, is that really a problem? Databox comes stocked with a variety of templates to choose from, or you can create your own – highlighting the key performance metrics that matter most to you and upper management.

The great advantage of Databox is that you will essentially be able to “set it and forget it.” Once you integrate your data sources, boards dynamically update – so you will always have the most recent figures at your fingertips. And, the design feature allows you to customize your boards to not only reflect your brand, but also visualize metrics the way you want to. The good news for you, devoted followers? Our team is committed to creating and sharing these easy-to-replicate dashboards and other platform insights. In other words, let us do the dirty work. Check back, or subscribe to the blog so you won’t miss a post.

2. Think big, but think small too.

Our clients often want to know about the big picture—overall site traffic, visit-to-contact conversions, new sales qualified leads, and customers and revenue generated from marketing efforts. Those are important items to include in your monthly or quarterly dashboard / presentations. But what about those small, specific (but still awesome) “wins” you deliver day to day or week to week? For instance, a high number of downloads after the first 48 hours of a white paper launch. Or an excellent turnout at an event or webinar. Sometimes sharing those numbers via a simple email to your client is a great way to showcase regular successes.

The same client from my first example was delighted when we shared engagement results from a simple boosted Facebook post; results, that most likely would have been lost in the end-of-quarter dash. The client was able to easily forward our simple email (complete with screenshots) on to the rest of his partners. Small, shareable wins are a great way to stay in front of the whole organization – not just your point-of-contact – lessening the odds of them asking, “What exactly is marketing doing every day?”

3. Survey your team.

Silo mentalities need not apply. Everyone involved in marketing (or sales) will have ideas regarding what’s working well for your business. Schedule team meetings where all stakeholders have the chance to contribute – remember it takes a village.

And speaking of awesome villages… as an example, our own B2B marketing experts regularly reach out beyond designated account teams to the entire team with specific client challenges. Don’t be afraid to share when you hit a plateau or you're stuck generating leads with the tried-and-true methods. Don't underestimate the value a fresh set of eyes can bring to your marketing strategy.

4. Wrap it up with a bow.

At the end of an campaign or at the end of the year, consider compiling the most relevant plotlines into one PowerPoint. If you’ve been following the steps above, you’ll already have the material. Now, share the “best of the best” (a common theme around this time of year). It doesn’t even need to be a PowerPoint – it could be a “Top 10 Results from 2017” in a Word doc. Sometimes the Cliffs Notes version works well (or even better!) at communicating your marketing successes. Remember A Tale of Two Cities? Yeah, me neither. Something about it being the best of times and the worst of times. But, I remember I got an “A” on my book report. “Heyyy, Mr. Walker!”

As you can see, marketing success stories come in all shapes and sizes. And, each department, project or situation may warrant a different approach. Remember, your boss probably doesn't need all the granular details that we, as marketers, tend to obsess over. Don’t be afraid to share the little wins throughout the course of the engagement – sometimes those little wins are just what the doctor ordered.

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Kerrie Clark O'Mara | Account Manager
Kerrie Clark O'Mara, Account Manager

Kerrie O’Mara is an Account Manager and mixed marketing arts master. She loves combining old and new marketing techniques to help clients get the results they need. She’ll usually be avoiding blogs at all costs, but when she’s forced to sit down and write, she’s doing it for the reward of her readers learning something new!

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