11 Simple Landing Page Strategy Do's and Don'ts – Infographic

Only a handful of people search for the term “landing page strategy” each month. And we think that’s a problem. Because even with everything we know about effectively turning site visitors into leads, too many marketers are still shrugging off the importance of LP optimization.

Worse, some of us forget the full scope of today’s landing page definition…

Landing page strategy isn’t just for specified campaigns and gated content. Technically speaking, every page on your site is a potential “landing page.” So while you’re building well-optimized LPs for your conversion event, lead-gen offers (webinars and eBooks), remember to also review your site’s top entrance pages. Try to incorporate the guidelines listed below.

Landing page strategy can also go hand-in-hand with your social media efforts. For example, company pages generate more than 10 percent of all B2B leads that originate on LinkedIn. Greeting those folks with a page that acknowledges their LI connection (along with your more formal, business-oriented content) could make a big difference in their first impression of you.

Enjoy our landing page strategy IG (click to enlarge) – And let us know if you have questions!

Landing Page Strategy Infographic


Liz O'Neill
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