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PinterestThe fastest growing social media site this year clearly seems to be Pinterest – our PMG C.O.W. (Cool Object of the Week). This virtual pinboard is appealing due to the ease with which you can create boards and “pin” related photos to them, creating a central location for design inspiration, recipes, fashion, travel ideas – really anything you can think of.  You may not see how Pinterest can help your business, but it just may expose your product to a market who may usually never see it.

There’s no way for potential customers to buy your products through the site, but images of your product – which link back to the original source – can be pinned and repinned on countless other boards.  If you add a price to your pinned image, it will automatically be listed under the Gifts section of Pinterest (and don’t forget, it will link back to your online store).  Since you shouldn’t be all about self-promotion, be sure to post interesting content and follow other brands (hopefully resulting in them following you back!).

An important thing to keep in mind is to be creative – Pinterest is all about the visual.  What you post should be appealing and interesting to make others want to repin it and follow you!  Offer images that are inspiring and still relate to your brand.  Have you found a great way to use Pinterest in your business?  Share in the comments!




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Lori Dickey | Inbound Marketing Specialist
Lori Dickey, Inbound Marketing Specialist

Lori Dickey has been an Inbound Marketing Specialist and Project Manager for PMG since 2010. When she’s not figuring out a way to put a new spin on an old concept, she’s writing about marketing numbers, figures and facts – and sighing with relief when the writing is done and the reading has begun!

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