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Facebook is the place to be in social media, yet so many of our clients still ask, "What should I write for a status update?"

Check out these 25 ideas you can weave into your own social media plan.

  1. Post a link to your most recent blog article. Remember to lead in with some enticing teaser copy so people will actually click on the link (and be sure to include an image in your blog post, since Facebook will "pull" the image and include it in your status update).
  2. Announce a little known holiday (e.g. July was National Baked Bean Month. Yes, really.)
  3. Ask for a "like." Make up a reason why (e.g. Give a "LIKE" – it's Friday!).
  4. Congratulate the local sports team.
  5. Post an appropriate quote.
  6. Post a relevant video (relevant to what you do).
  7. Post a current video (who doesn't like a good kitty video?).
  8. Run a quick-fire survey (e.g. Basil or Cilantro? Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew? PC or Mac?).
  9. Call out a fan – and congratulate him or her for something.
  10. Mark milestones (500th fan, 1000th fan).
  11. Promote upcoming milestones (e.g. "We're 10 LIKES away from 10,000 fans -- spread the word to your friends and help us get there").
  12. Post a survey using the "Post a Question" option.
  13. Acknowledge someone on your staff.
  14. Share insider information (e.g. If Friday is Hawaiian shirt day during the summer, talk about it).
  15. Promote a current charity (e.g. Red Cross for the tornado victims).
  16. Promote a charity you're aligned with.
  17. Ask people to sign up for your newsletter.
  18. Share your Twitter handle and invite fans to leave theirs in the comments.
  19. Promote contests (but be sure to abide by Facebook's promotion guidelines).
  20. Run a sweepstakes or giveaway (but again, follow the rules and consider using a third-party app like Wildfire).
  21. Answer a frequently asked question.
  22. Share trivia about a product or service.
  23. Solicit feedback from fans on products or services you're considering.
  24. Give shout-outs to vendors.
  25. Post pics (of employees, your office, the manufacturing plant, company outings, new products -- you get the idea).

Most of all, have fun. It's supposed to be "social," remember? :)

If you need help with social media planning, always feel free to give PMG a shout.

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Robyn Bradley | Content Marketer
Robyn Bradley, Content Marketer

Robyn Bradley has been a Content Marketer for PMG since 2006. When she’s not writing, she’s…oh, wait, she’s always writing! She loves integrating real experiences with real clients into her blogs and translating them so that any business can benefit from reading. Complete with her world-famous laser-focus, you can find her crafting articles that help other people in the marketing world find success.

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