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PMG TweetsAlthough Twitter allows 140 character messages, setting up a good account can still be a bit intimidating. With the inclusion of URL shorteners, retweets, and hashtags, it can get a bit overwhelming from the get-go. So, here are a few quick tips to lead you in the right direction:

  • Customize your background. Use your company colors and company logo to give your account a more branded and unique feeling. It will also deter thoughts that your account may be a spammy one.
  • Don't just follow others for the sake of following. Pick accounts that align with your interests and you think provide useful information.
  • Like most of your marketing efforts, it shouldn't be all about you. Provide tweets with value for your audience. Retweet others, post links to interesting articles, and engage other users with questions. Always be relevant and meaningful.
  • When shortening links, double check that the URL shortener you are using passes along the "inbound link credit".
  • Do use hashtags. See what conversations are out there and use appropriate tags to include your tweets in ongoing conversations.
  • Respond to everyone who tweets at you (unless it's a spambot), positive or negative. You don't want to sweep criticisms under the rug; be upfront and available.

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