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If memory serves me correctly, there were viral videos months ago featuring people receiving pizza and gigantic sub sandwiches from Coke vending machines – right? Well, it is no surprise that Pepsi would follow suit like a true competitor. However, they appear to be doing something even more so engaging with their brand – and are using actual vending machines.

Now, Coke has its own interactive vending machines, but these new Pepsi machines will be “social-media enabled”. You operate them with a touch screen and can order your beverage as you would expect. You also have the option to check in on Pepsi’s ongoing Refresh Project, but that still isn’t where this machine shines. You have the power to ‘gift’ a drink to a friend.

You simply provide a phone number, attach a message you record and/or type, and away goes a redeemable code. Now, if you were bought a drink from a friend, you can obviously redeem your code here as well. Another neat thing is that you can send a free drink to a total stranger, which kind of echoes the idea of sharing happiness. Pepsi is trying to transform the task of getting a drink into something engaging, while expanding your social networks and strengthening their own brand.

Now, there doesn’t appear to be any sort of Facebook or Twitter integration with the machine, but we are sure to see something like that very soon.

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