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B2B Marketing Secrets to Boosting Your Company's Sex AppealIt’s no big secret that sex sells. GoDaddy built its brand around the premise. Don Draper has worn the philosophy like the simplest of skinny ties.

For the rest of us, flashy messaging is a less obvious science. Most of the world’s marketers aren’t selling lingerie and sports cars. Most marketers are working to promote everyday products and services—like financial advice, or medical supplies, or enterprise software… Not exactly Maxim material.

Plus, smart business owners aren’t willing to risk their credibility just to gussy up with a lot of lip gloss. At the end of the day, prospects still need to recognize your authority and your unique value.

The solution? Strip “sexy” down to its barest parts. What is sexy, if not a collection of attributes that we all have the power to control? So go ahead and start flirting. Here’s how:

Be irreverent.

The unsexiest thing you can do is take yourself too seriously. Even buttoned-up clients want to know your team is approachable, personable, willing to buck tradition. A great example? We just used the word “unsexiest” in a prospect and client-facing blog post. Do you think we made it work?

Be engaging.

The professional masses have flocked to Facebook and Twitter, and now they’re all standing around the punch bowl, shyly staring at their shoes. Not good. Remember: social media is just a platform; it’s not a pulse. There has to be some genuine personality and curiosity behind the words you are feeding your “fans.” You need a social media plan. Because awkward social encounters are almost worse than no social encounters at all (just ask anyone who skipped her senior prom.) And there’s nothing sexy about a one-way conversation.

Be current.

Old Spice has been around for almost 80 years. They are equally iconic among Baby Boomers and Millennials—but for completely different reasons. They’ve tapped into the moment with absurdist edge and self-referential humor. Take a lesson from their book. It doesn’t matter that you update your website every week if the underlying look and language still seem to channel 1992. From your logo to your landing pages, you can make your business sexy with a well-planned rebranding effort.

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Liz O'Neill
Liz O'Neill

Content marketing specialist (and current Director of Marketing at C&S Insurance), Liz O'Neill enjoys writing informative, engaging copy about pretty much anything—helping companies and their customers cut through all the digital noise; find each other faster; form deep, abiding relationships; and ride off into the sunset (while Instagramming the entire journey).

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