Patrick McDaniel

Patrick McDaniel is PMG’s Paid Search and Social Strategist. He likes figuring out how people work – in between facts and figures on organic search rankings, lead gen and engagement techniques, you’ll find hints of psychology and buying behavior in his writing. He loves helping readers understand how to reach and connect with their best prospects!

Posts By Patrick McDaniel

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 Patrick McDaniel   |     Aug 24, 2020

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 Patrick McDaniel   |     Oct 10, 2019

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 Patrick McDaniel   |     Jun 07, 2019

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 Patrick McDaniel   |     Feb 15, 2019

7 Insider Secrets to Getting More Leads from Your LinkedIn Ads

 Patrick McDaniel   |     Apr 10, 2018

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 Patrick McDaniel   |     Oct 30, 2017

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 Patrick McDaniel   |     Jun 02, 2017

PPC Agency Tricks: 3 Ways They Try to Fool You

 Patrick McDaniel   |     Apr 18, 2017

Hiring a PPC Agency: 5 More Revealing Questions to Ask

 Patrick McDaniel   |     Jan 30, 2017

Leveraging PPC Data to Conquer Silo Marketing

 Patrick McDaniel   |     Dec 19, 2016

Google Retargeting: 6 Powerful Reasons You Need to Use It

 Patrick McDaniel   |     Dec 06, 2016

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