Allison Woodbury

Allison Woodbury has been a Content Marketer for PMG since 2016. She’s a content marketing, writing, social media and branding guru who spends her writing time alternating between getting in the shoes of her readers and scrutinizing super-niche industries. She loves to see what her readers like – so tell her what you want, what you really, really want (to read more of)!

Posts By Allison Woodbury

Q&A with PMG’s Creative Director: What’s the Real Deal with Web D...

 Allison Woodbury   |     Feb 22, 2017

Your Unsubscribe Page Playbook: 5 Great Ways to Keep Readers in t...

 Allison Woodbury   |     Jan 27, 2017

5 Holiday Email Marketing Mistakes That Put You on the Naughty Li...

 Allison Woodbury   |     Dec 15, 2016

5 (More) Tips on How to Get People to Subscribe to Your Email

 Allison Woodbury   |     Dec 01, 2016

But Seriously… Do Buyer Personas Really Lead to Greater ROI?

 Allison Woodbury   |     Oct 25, 2016

Tackling the Corporate Blog: Top 5 Blog-Writing Secrets Revealed

 Allison Woodbury   |     Sep 05, 2016

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