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When you go on Twitter, do you feel like a little kid in a crowded city? Well, you aren’t alone! Twitter can feel overwhelming, but with the right tools, you CAN persevere and make Twitter fun and purposeful!

Fortunately for marketers, there are a lot of Twitter tools in the marketplace. Buffer Social published a massive list of Twitter tools in July 2016. If you’re the type of person that likes to explore every possibility, this list is for you!

However, we realize most people DON’T have the time to look at every option. With that in mind, let’s dive into some of the coolest Twitter marketing tools out there:


Social Rank helps you understand both your Twitter followers and those who you are following. You can sort them by a variety of categories and engage with specific groups. Create lists based on geography, send direct messages to specific groups, export data, view by keywords, and more. Try it out; it’s addicting!

Twitter Marketing Tools: Social Rank

Social Bearing is a free Twitter search and statistics tool, where you can search by handle, website, keyword, location, etc. Social Bearing presents a data visualization of tweets about your search topic – a particularly helpful instrument for researching hashtags, snooping on competitors, assessing trends, and more.

Twitter Marketing Tools: Social Bearing



TweetChat manages social chats throughout Twitter. It neatly collects the hashtags of a conversation and offers simple interaction within that chat. Advanced features allow chat stories to be shared, and coming soon are branded spaces for chat moderators. Some of these features are free and others are paid.

Twitter Marketing Tools: TweetChat

Content Promotion

Click to Tweet is an impressive little Twitter marketing tool that's been around for a while but delivers a lot despite the simplicity of the concept behind it. Users create a shareable tweet, delivered via a link, that can be used for any content on your website or blog to increase shares. Five free shares per month, or unlimited for $5—What a deal! (Tweet this!)

Hashtag Research

RiteTag is a tool for studying up on hashtags and making Twitter marketing decisions based on that data. View the stats of a specific hashtag and check out similar recommendations to choose the one most relevant to your post. They even have a handy browser extension. Who doesn’t need this tool?

Twitter Marketing Tools: RiteTag

Visual Creation

Pablo is a free tool every social media marketer should check out. With over 600K beautiful, copyright-free images available for use, marketers can create pre-sized images for Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram directly in the app. Fast and fantastic!

Twitter Marketing Tools: Pablo


socialoomph increases your productivity on Twitter by automating certain tasks (among other things). In addition to an extensive list of scheduling, managing and sorting tools, a paid feature allows for automatic DMs and vetting of new followers. How cool!

Twitter Marketing Tools: socialoomph

Overall Twitter Management

We’d be remiss without mentioning Tweet Deck – considered by some to be the King of Twitter management. Use if for monitoring, posting and more!

Twitter Marketing Tools: Tweet DeckWe hope you have some fun with these tools, and they help you become more productive and comfortable while navigating Twitter. Please share with us some of YOUR favorite Twitter tools in the comments below!

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Alysa Wax | Director of Client Operations
Alysa Wax, Director of Client Operations

Alysa Wax, PMG Director of Client Operations, thrives on helping her clients and PMG grow. She does this by understanding and sharing the vertical function marketing has in modern businesses. During her blogging time, she can usually be found integrating business and personal experience into her writing.

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