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Seventy million professionals are making use of the valuable professional content (and content marketing opportunities) available on SlideShare. Are you? Not only is this social media giant accumulating an audience of over 70 million visitors, but according to them, 80% of those visitors are coming in through targeted search. If you’re not making the most of this social media powerhouse for professionals yet, it’s time to hop on board and start driving new prospects to your products and services.

In case you aren’t familiar with the site, SlideShare is a presentation platform that’s used to educate, inform, and inspire users across all industries. With over 18 million uploads across 40 different content categories, it has quickly become one of the top 100 most visited websites in the world! So why not take advantage of the fact that 80% of SlideShare viewers organically found you by typing in a long tail keyword into a search engine?

If you optimize your presentations properly, you can generate some great traction for your online presence. In this post, I’d like to share seven SlideShare presentation pointers that B2B inbound marketers can use to better leverage their content. Ready? Here we go…

1. Think relevance.

Great content is not great until it reaches the right audience. In this case, your audience has found you via search engines—now give them what they are searching for. Make sure your presentation content is focused on the term(s) you’ve selected for your presentation topic. It’s not just about touting your products and services – but introducing them in a way that provides value to the reader and supports the content themes you’re addressing.

2. Make a visual impact.

We’ve heard over and over again that human beings are visual learners. In fact, there is scientific proof that our brains comprehend information accompanied by visuals more effectively than when we simply read copy by itself. No matter the industry or profession, SlideShare decks allow users across demographics to absorb information that is important to them. This is part of the platform’s appeal, especially when we read all day long. Particularly for B2B companies from so-called “boring” industries that may have trouble drumming up interest in their content, the visual impact of SlideShare makes these presentations more unique and memorable.

Nowhere is the visual impact more important on your SlideShare deck than on your cover page. Your cover page will either grab a user’s attention… or it won’t. It will also appear as the thumbnail on social shares. Think like your user. What grabs your attention?

3. Get creative.

Even if you are not a graphic design extraordinaire, there are plenty of free tools—Canva, PicMonkey, PicCollage, etc.—that are easy to use, even for those of us who have no design experience whatsoever. Purchase stock photos or use your existing photo library and jazz them up using these free tools. I promise you, it will be the most fun part of your day! (In fact, I used Canva to whip up the image attached to this blog post.)

4. Optimize!

If you haven’t caught on to the most important part of this post yet, it is this: many people are coming to SlideShare via online search. Just like any other piece of content you create and share online, your decks must be optimized for buyers surfing the Web for information. Optimize the title of your presentation, the presentation description (in SlideShare settings), and the body copy with a priority keyword from your keyword strategy.

5. Repurpose content.

SlideShare is the perfect medium for recycling older pieces from your B2B marketing closet—informational white papers, eBooks, case studies, marketing presentations, infographics—you get the idea. It is not necessary to reinvent the wheel. Dust off your existing copy and work it into a PowerPoint deck with visual graphics that will entice your audience.

Content that can be easily repurposed into a SlideShare deck:

  • Case studies and customer stories
  • Thought leadership pieces
  • How-to blog posts and product tutorials
  • News analysis
  • Industry trends and stats
  • Educational white papers
  • Infographics (psstt. According to Slideshare, infographics are shared and liked more on SlideShare than presentations!)

6. Distribute your content.

Once you’ve created your SlideShare presentation, don’t forget to share it! Embed your presentations across your web assets to maximize SEO “juice” – on blog posts, on your website (under your resources tab, perhaps?), on all of your other social networks, etc. Shout it from the rooftops! You’ll be much more likely to increase viral exposure opportunities.

7. Engage with your audience.

Just like any other social media platform, don’t forget to engage with interested visitors – an inbound marketing rule of thumb! Users can post comments and questions, so be sure to monitor regularly. What’s more, it’s important to add CTAs (Calls-to-Action) to your presentation to provide visitors with some additional direction. What is the main takeaway of the presentation? And what do you want them to do next? Lead them to a landing page on your site that can provide them with relevant supplementary resources.

As you are creating your SlideShare presentation deck, keep your visitors in mind. Tell a story. Remember, visitors are viewing your deck to learn something.

So whether you’re not yet using SlideShare, or you have some decks uploaded that could use some TLC, use these seven SlideShare presentation pointers to create decks that will educate, inform and inspire… and that have the SEO stamina to be easily found by your target prospects!

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Ranae Mogensen

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