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The Top 5 Free Marketing Tools We’re Thankful for Year Round

Posted by Kerrie Clark O'Mara on November 25, 2015

When the PMG team gathers around the table, we have a lot to give thanks for. We’ve known for a while that we work for some pretty awesome ladies, but our two fearless leaders (Susan LaPlante-Dube and Maureen Condon) were recently recognized at the 2015 International Stevie Awards for their accomplishments this past year, as well as the inspirational company culture they’ve successfully cultivated within a virtual workplace – taking home the Gold Stevie Award for Women-Run Workplace of the Year (10 or Less Employees) in our industry category. Our team couldn’t be prouder!

In addition to that big news, we’re also thankful for a number of free marketing tools we use on a regular basis when working with our clients. We’ve pulled together a little cornucopia of handy information about some of our favorites so you can apply them to your B2B marketing strategy, too! Here are 5 of the top free marketing tools out there that you should know about if you don’t already…

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Topics: B2B Marketing, Marketing Strategy and Planning, Search Engine Optimization

HubSpot Marketing 101: Leveraging the Social Media Monitoring Tool

Posted by Lori Dickey on November 24, 2015

It’s no secret that social media growth has exploded in the past couple of years – as of 2015, there are over 2.2 billion active social users worldwide. But with so much going on in the social stratosphere, how do you effectively keep an eye on trends and figure out where your ideal customers are and, perhaps more importantly, what they really want? As big fans of HubSpot, there are a number of tools we love to use to drive strategic efforts, and the Social Media Monitoring tool is definitely one of them. Listening to what your prospective buyers are talking about is a great way to turn them into happy customers (and keep them as happy customers, too!).

Different departments in your company can and should be keeping tabs on what is happening on social media. Even as a solopreneur or small business owner, Social Media Monitoring will allow you to stay organized and on top of relevant market information. With this handy tool, you do this by creating “streams” – searches that HubSpot uses according to those keywords or phrases you want to be notified about when they are mentioned on Twitter. They are then displayed in various feeds within the tool’s interface. You can even import a list you’ve already created on Twitter or target one of your HubSpot contact lists (that incorporates specific criteria) in a stream so you can monitor a precise type of lead. Check out the screenshot below to see an example of some of PMG’s social streams…

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Topics: B2B Marketing, HubSpot, Social Media Marketing

To Joke or Not to Joke – Communication Tips for Presentations

Posted by Maureen Condon on November 10, 2015

No speaker is more enjoyable than the one who includes funny stories, examples or quotes to illustrate his main points. And no speaker is more dreaded than the one who uses inappropriate or random humor that fails to relate to her topic.

Some humor works in a speech – some doesn’t. Some people can pull off humor successfully – some can’t. Knowing what works and what doesn’t will help you develop and deliver your next presentation.

When executed successfully, humor can help a presentation in many ways. It builds a connection with the audience, which is always the speaker’s ultimate goal. It can create a vivid, memorable picture that serves to highlight key points. And when humor includes personal anecdotes or sincere self-deprecation, it can make a speaker seem more approachable and appealing.

We all know funny people. They are the hit of family parties and social gatherings because of their great stories and witty comebacks. But just because someone can make people laugh in a social setting, it doesn’t mean they can stand at a podium and deliver a successful after-dinner speech.

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Topics: Marketing Strategy and Planning, Relationship Marketing

13 Monster Mistakes Haunting Your Facebook Marketing Strategy

Posted by Oren Smith on October 31, 2015

With over 1.49 billion people actively using Facebook on a monthly basis, you might be thinking it’s an absolute no-brainer to leverage Facebook for your business. But what gives? Why isn’t your page ALIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE yet?! If you’re having trouble getting value out of your Facebook marketing strategy, you might be making some monster mistakes that are messing with your results. *Cue howling wolf*

So what can you do to fix up your Facebook presence? Unfortunately, we’re all out of our magic potions and witch’s brew... BUT we can offer up these 13 tips that will help raise your business page from the dead. Follow these steps and you’ll see your social media ROI increase faster than you can say Trick-or-Treat!

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Topics: Facebook, Social Media Marketing

How to Use LinkedIn Groups Like the B2B Experts!

Posted by Tracey MacDonald on October 28, 2015

Most B2B marketers agree LinkedIn is an indispensable networking and marketing tool that connects like-minded business people who share similar interests. With LinkedIn members now comprising the world’s largest professional community, more businesses are turning their attention to LinkedIn groups or informal communities built around industries, common interests, professions, etc.

A powerful part of LinkedIn, participation in these groups offers a wide variety of opportunities for B2B marketers including: networking, researching, building partnerships, sharing content and B2B lead generation. In fact, 80% of all social media leads come from LinkedIn!

So how does a B2B Marketer establish a relationship and put these LinkedIn groups to use? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

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Topics: LinkedIn, Social Media Marketing

10 Influencers to Follow for the Best Construction Marketing Tips

Posted by Liz O'Neill on October 27, 2015

Marketing advice can be sliced and diced into lots of different categories: B2C, B2B, even “boring industry” marketing. Technically speaking, construction marketing could fit into any of those buckets, but that doesn’t mean a generalized approach will drive you to your goals.

Instead, you should leverage specialized knowledge and tactical expertise to build your brand’s web presence and attract qualified leads. Following the right people—particularly on Twitter and LinkedIn— is a good place to get started.

Here are just a few of the ways in which construction marketing influencers can boost your inbound efforts:

  • Point you to industry trends or story ideas for timely articles and blogs
  • Build a relationship with you that might lead to an interview or guest blogging opportunity
  • Clue you into forums (online discussions, conferences, tradeshows) where your brand should have a presence
  • Teach you more about your target audience—so you can tailor your site content, educational offers, and pretty much everything you draft, accordingly

Whether you need recommendations on how to plan your construction content strategy, how to leverage social media in this unique niche, or how to select the right building and construction marketing agency, these influencers can help:

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Topics: Social Media Marketing, Marketing for Building & Construction

7 Video Marketing Tips for Your YouTube Business Channel

Posted by Ranae Mogensen on October 23, 2015

Have you jumped on board the YouTube train yet? If not, what are you waiting for?! Despite what you might see being consistently shared on your various social newsfeeds, YouTube is not just for teenagers and cat videos (although who can resist a cute cat video?) Used strategically, this video marketing powerhouse can be an extremely helpful inbound marketing tool for driving traffic to your site.

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Topics: B2B Marketing, Content Marketing

State of Inbound Marketing 2015: HubSpot Releases Full Report

Posted by Oren Smith on October 17, 2015

In today’s digital economy, many people are no longer strangers to the term inbound marketing. If you’ve read any of our blog posts before, it’s likely you’ve come across our enthusiasm for the process (to say the least…) and – *disclaimer* – we’re about to toot the inbound marketing horn again.

As more and more business pros warm up to the concept and realize the positive outcomes which result from taking this approach to attracting, converting and closing leads, it’s no surprise three out of four marketers across the globe say they now prioritize inbound marketing over traditional outbound methods. But this particular stat is just the tiny tip of the ice berg…

Our friends at HubSpot have officially released the 2015 State of Inbound Marketing Report! What is this report, you ask? Every year, HubSpot surveys thousands of marketers and salespeople from all over the world (only about one third of the companies are actually affiliated with HubSpot) about their challenges, priorities, plans and strategies they’ve used to achieve important business goals. From this data, HubSpot analysts glean significant trends and insights that marketers – both seasoned experts and total newbies – can use to spruce up their own strategies for the coming year.

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Topics: HubSpot, Inbound Marketing

7 SlideShare Presentation Pointers for the B2B Inbound Marketer

Posted by Ranae Mogensen on October 6, 2015

Seventy million professionals are making use of the valuable professional content (and content marketing opportunities) available on SlideShare. Are you? Not only is this social media giant accumulating an audience of over 70 million visitors, but according to them, 80% of those visitors are coming in through targeted search. If you’re not making the most of this social media powerhouse for professionals yet, it’s time to hop on board and start driving new prospects to your products and services.

In case you aren’t familiar with the site, SlideShare is a presentation platform that’s used to educate, inform, and inspire users across all industries. With over 18 million uploads across 40 different content categories, it has quickly become one of the top 100 most visited websites in the world! So why not take advantage of the fact that 80% of SlideShare viewers organically found you by typing in a long tail keyword into a search engine?

If you optimize your presentations properly, you can generate some great traction for your online presence. In this post, I’d like to share seven SlideShare presentation pointers that B2B inbound marketers can use to better leverage their content. Ready? Here we go…

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Topics: B2B Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing

B2B Marketing Insights: The Top 10 Takeaways from INBOUND 2015

Posted by Oren Smith on September 30, 2015

Yet again, HubSpot’s INBOUND 2015 Marketing and Sales Conference was inspiring and informative, not to mention a really great time! We had a blast catching up with old friends, meeting with clients and colleagues at our PMG cocktail hour, and busting a gut at Amy Schumer’s stand-up performance. And of course, if you’re in search of insights from the event, look no further! After the conference, we put our heads together and compiled our top 10 favorite takeaways that will benefit B2B marketers most. Here's the scoop...

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Topics: B2B Marketing, HubSpot