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Website Redesign Strategy: Translating Metrics into Magic

Posted by Oren Smith

Website redesign? Easier said than done. All of you designers-to-be are probably just itching to dive right into those exciting aesthetic changes and the modernized reformatting your website is craving. But you can’t start crafting your new look without taking some measurements first! According to CMO Survey, spending on marketing analytics is expected to increase 60% by 2015. Why? Because the numbers tell an important story.

Before fully engaging in any website redesign project, the importance of scrutinizing your current site metrics and available data cannot be stressed enough! After all, you can’t figure out what work really needs to be completed without first looking at what’s truly effective – and what’s falling flat. Time to turn to your marketing metrics and let the numbers speak for themselves.

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Topics: Measuring Marketing Results, Marketing Strategy and Planning

Optimization Unwrapped: Expert Advice from SEO Consultant Marcia Morgan

Posted by Oren Smith

Search engine optimization – the proverbial puzzle every marketer is endlessly trying to solve. Just when you think you’ve got your SEO strategy down pat, the rules of the game change yet again. Nevertheless, optimizing your website for search is critical if you hope to have any chance of generating new leads online for your business.

To chip away at this complex block of algorithms and techniques, I sought out the advice of SEO pro and marketing consultant Marcia Morgan, who’s been handling such inquiries for over a decade. If you’re looking for a little web optimization guidance yourself, listen up! Here’s what she had to say:

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Topics: Link Building, Content Marketing, SEO

Repurposing Content in the Spirit of Earth Day

Posted by Alysa Wax

Every year on April 22nd, over one billion people in 190 countries take part in Earth Day. That in itself is astounding, and this year's planet-wide celebration is just around the corner! Across the globe, people plant trees, participate in special projects, promote recycling, clean up their communities, and more – all on behalf of the environment. Visit the Earth Day website to find events in your state and read about the ways you can get involved!

But going green shouldn't be a one-day affair, particularly in business practice! Are there things marketers can learn from Earth Day and the environmental movement? We think so.  

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Topics: B2B Marketing, Marketing Strategy and Planning, Content Marketing

How to Set Marketing Goals with Brilliant Budgeting

Posted by Oren Smith

Yup. It’s that time of year again – the end of tax season. And let’s be honest, it takes a special kind of person to get a high off filing their taxes. In fact, you can probably think of plenty of people you know who have, yet again, avoided their Tax Day responsibilities until the last minute… maybe even yourself!

But regardless of your Tax Day triumphs or tragedies, you’re ultimately forced to really think about those dolla dolla bills, where they’re going, and whether or not you’ve had a cost-effective financial year. The same rings true in marketing. Staying organized is key – and budgeting your time, resources, and money vastly improves your ability to set marketing goals on a weekly, monthly and annual basis.

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Topics: Marketing Strategy and Planning, Marketing Resources

The B2B Email Marketing Exhibit A+... Top Tips for Your Next Campaign

Posted by Oren Smith

Over here to our left next to the dinosaur bones, you’ll find our spectacular collection of ancient artifacts once affectionately called “flip phones” and “blackberries.” And moving on down the hall, feast your eyes on the now mummified “cold calls,” laid here to rest forever alongside paid links and article marketing... Now, can anyone tell me what a “dial-up modem” is?

We all know the marketing landscape evolves faster than you can say the words AOL Instant Messenger. But throughout recent years – and even right up to today – email, despite its maturity, is still top dog… persisting in its role as the key contributor to higher customer conversion rates.

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Topics: B2B Marketing, Inbound Marketing

Grab Your Umbrella! Here’s How You Can Become a B2B Marketing Rainmaker

Posted by Heather Ukstins

Spring is such a tease here in the northeast. One sunny day gives way to overly optimistic gestures like throwing open all the windows, and packing away the down coats. Only to be followed by snow showers or a cold, grey rain (cue us dragging those coats back out of storage). It’s enough to drive a person to AirBNB’s first long-stay tropical villa.

But those of us who weather (ha ha) these seasons over and over again know better. We know that warmer days are coming, if we can just wait a little bit longer and try to enjoy the April showers. So in the spirit of enjoying the rain, let’s talk about how to become a B2B marketing rainmaker!

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Topics: B2B Marketing

THIS JUST IN: New & Improved Marketing Best Practices

Posted by Robyn Bradley

Wow!!! What a week it's been (so far) for marketing!!! We're talking triple-exclamation-point-OMG-type-of-breaking-news that your mama warned you to pay attention to!!!

Wait, what? You haven't heard? Relax!!! We PMG superheroes have you covered. That's why you read this here blog anyway, right? To know what's happening in the Land of Marketing even before the residents of this storied place know what's what.

OK, so it goes like this: essentially ALL of the marketing best practices we've been following are hogwash. Just about every single one. Now, don't go getting your panties in a twist. This is GOOD news because our marketing lives just got a heckuva lot easier. Yay!

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Topics: B2B Marketing, Content Marketing

Malaysian Flight 370, Washington Mudslides & Boston Fire: Putting Search Marketing in Perspective

Posted by Maureen Condon

I rarely watch the evening news, but last night before dinner I turned it on as I was folding clothes. Brian Williams led the broadcast with an update on the search for the Malaysian Flight 370 debris and the search for the missing from the Washington mudslides. He then announced the “horrible” news out of Boston that two firefighters had been killed in a vicious nine-alarm blaze on Beacon Street.

As the proud family member of a long line of firefighters, including my grandfather, several uncles and cousins, my first thought was, “I wonder if I know these guys.” A moment later, my mother called to tell me that indeed, Lieutenant Ed Walsh was one of the men killed. I’ve only met Eddie a couple of times, but our parents grew up together in the tightly knit community of Watertown, Massachusetts and his loss is deeply felt by many of my loved ones today.

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Topics: B2B Marketing, Inbound Marketing, SEO

Outsourced Marketing Services for Entrepreneurs: Is Your Startup Ready?

Posted by Liz O'Neill

There are more than 20 million entrepreneurial firms in business today. Startup ecosystems right here in New England and in the New York metro area, in particular, are really starting to cook. A recent Forbes article just declared, “A New Era for Entrepreneurs and Startups Has Begun.”

Hooray! As an agency that specializes in outsourced marketing services for entrepreneurs, we’re always rooting for startups. Even apart from our own work, it’s exciting to see talented, ambitious folks setting out to change the world. Who doesn’t love a great startup story?

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Topics: Outsourced Marketing, Marketing Resources, Entrepreneurs and Startups

Social Media Planning for March Madness: How to Win Big

Posted by Alysa Wax

March Madness is upon us. Three weeks of pools, brackets, and heart-stopping buzzer beaters. The excitement is palpable — especially if you visit any of the major social networks. Chances are, your customers and prospects are chatting away about this year’s Big Dance. So your social media plan should be talking about it, too.

In higher education it’s a well-known fact that NCAA Cinderella wins help colleges boost admissions. The “Flutie Effect” originated after Boston College quarterback Doug Flutie threw a Hail Mary pass to beat Miami in the last seconds of a 1984 game. This huge win began a two-year jump in application rates for BC.  Since then, national advertisers and local marketers of all stripes have been hopping on the bandwagon.

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Topics: Social Media, Social Marketing