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Content Marketing Tactics: 5 Ways to Revive Cold Content

Posted by Liz O'Neill

It happens almost imperceptibly. One day you’re wearing short sleeves, walking the dog after dinner, enjoying fresh produce. The next, you’re huddled in wool, watching the sky get dark from the window of your 4:00 meeting. You know the cold is setting in—it’s not exactly a surprise. But somehow you’re never quite prepared for the shorter days, the heavy jackets, the longer store lines…

Content marketing sometimes follows a similar cycle. Seasonality creates lulls. Prospects seem sluggish, and your enthusiasm for creating new, exciting messages about your business starts to wane.

Consider this your fall wakeup call! Whether you write your own blogs and white papers, or you work with an outsourced marketing partner to showcase your expertise, the coming months do not have to be a slow season for content.

Here are five ways to reuse and revive the content you’ve already written, without sounding like a broken record.

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HubSpot Powers Up Sales with New CRM Product Launch

Posted by Oren Smith

Just when we thought we couldn’t love HubSpot any more than we already do, the marketing giant has outdone itself once again. Sound the horns! Because HubSpot has taken a deep dive into the world of Sales – and it’s already making an enormous splash.

The official announcement was made earlier today during INBOUND 2014, HubSpot’s world-renowned annual marketing and sales conference. After months of work put into research and development, the company has released two brand new awesome products – together known as the HubSpot Sales Platform.

No doubt, this dual product launch is reflective of the company’s mission to equip marketing and sales professionals with the absolute best tools for tackling the buying landscape of today.

HubSpot Co-Founder and CEO, Brian Halligan states, “We started HubSpot because we felt the way consumers shop and buy had fundamentally changed. The inbound movement has helped transform the world of marketing, and we really feel like there's a huge opportunity to transform the customer experience with sales technology that enables companies to sell more, better, and faster.”

And so they have! The added bonus? It’s totally free. Read on to learn more!

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Topics: HubSpot, Inbound Marketing, Sales

8 Ways to Prep like a Pro for INBOUND 2014

Posted by Oren Smith

INBOUND 2014 is just around the corner. And if you haven’t been revving up your engines over the past few weeks, it’s definitely time to get into gear.

Registered and attending? You still have a couple more days to adjust your plans, send some emails, and make those important phone calls – so use your time wisely! This conference is a massive event, swarmed with thousands of marketing and sales professionals looking to connect and learn how to make their business boom. You don’t want to get lost in the mix or miss an opportunity because you didn’t quite know what to expect.

But don’t fret! We’ve got 8 simple reminders you can use to get yourself mentally and physically pro-pared for INBOUND 2014.

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The PMG Comic – Training for INBOUND 2014

Posted by Oren Smith

In case you couldn't tell, our PMG Team is pretty psyched for INBOUND 2014. Not only is this renowned marketing conference a great opportunity for marketing and sales pros to network, learn and grow, it also happens to be really fun! And we can't wait to see what HubSpot has in store for us this year.

In the spirit of INBOUND and unleashing our inner goofball, check out our latest episode: Training for INBOUND 2014. Click on the comic below to enlarge the image and access links. Enjoy – and feel free to share. And don't forget to register for INBOUND! We'll see you there.

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The Death of Google Authorship and What To Do Now

Posted by Alysa Wax

Having a hard time keeping up with marketing strategies for Google Plus? You’re not alone! Google almost seems to enjoy keeping the public guessing – with their frequent product changes, unpublished algorithms, and continuous stream of updates. It’s no wonder many people are unsure about investing their efforts into marketing via Google Plus, let alone how to go about it.    

Given the amount of time experts spend analyzing and reporting on the latest Google marketing tactics, as well as the fact that Google is the goliath of search engines, it would make sense that showcasing your content and engaging with your audience on Google Plus would help your overall business, not to mention your website rankings. However, some recent changes are eliciting a new wave of frustration regarding the role G+ plays in the marketing stratosphere. 

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Topics: Social Media, Social Marketing

11 Simple Landing Page Strategy Do's and Don'ts – Infographic

Posted by Liz O'Neill

Only a handful of people search for the term “landing page strategy” each month. And we think that’s a problem. Because even with everything we know about effectively turning site visitors into leads, too many marketers are still shrugging off the importance of LP optimization.

Worse, some of us forget the full scope of today’s landing page definition…

Landing page strategy isn’t just for specified campaigns and gated content. Technically speaking, every page on your site is a potential “landing page.” So while you’re building well-optimized LPs for your conversion event, lead-gen offers (webinars and eBooks), remember to also review your site’s top entrance pages. Try to incorporate the guidelines listed below.

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Topics: B2B Marketing, Marketing Strategy and Planning, Inbound Marketing

You Know You Work for an Inbound Marketing Agency When...

Posted by Oren Smith

Oh, inbound marketing… you are the sweet, sweet field we’ve all come to know and love so dearly. But you’re not just any ordinary form of generating new business. No, no… 

You are a straight-up, full-blown, 100% Grade A lifestyle.

So what sets inbound apart, you ask? Well despite what you’ve heard, there is MUCH more to inbound marketing than simply attracting website visitors, converting prospects into paying customers, and executing remarkable, wow-worthy campaigns. Oh yes.

While every agency marches to the beat of its own drum, there are a number of distinct qualities and characteristics ALL inbound marketers tend to pick up while on the fast-track to success. You can run, but you can’t hide. No matter how hard you try, inbound will take over your mind, body and soul.

Unsure of whether or not you’ve fallen into the inbound marketing deep end? Below is a list of 30 signs you’re the walking, talking, lead-generating poster child.

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Topics: HubSpot, Inbound Marketing

How to Answer 7 Typical Prospect Questions Before They're Asked

Posted by Maureen Condon

Like most entrepreneurs, we get excited about sales calls. Whether on the phone or in person, every prospect interaction represents the opportunity to take on a new client – to work with a new business  and we love that! And after 12+ years as business owners, there are few prospect questions we haven't heard.

What we've learned, however, is that it's not enough to respond well to your prospect questions. The better approach is to anticipate the questions and create marketing content and materials that answer them before the prospect asks.

To give you some insight, check out 7 common questions we've been asked during the sales process  and what they've taught us about marketing businesses successfully.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing, Relationship-building, Sales

B2B Marketing Secrets to Boosting Your Company’s Sex Appeal

Posted by Liz O'Neill

It’s no big secret that sex sells. GoDaddy built its brand around the premise. Don Draper has worn the philosophy like the simplest of skinny ties.

For the rest of us, flashy messaging is a less obvious science. Most of the world’s marketers aren’t selling lingerie and sports cars. Most marketers are working to promote everyday products and services—like financial advice, or medical supplies, or enterprise software… Not exactly Maxim material.

Plus, smart business owners aren’t willing to risk their credibility just to gussy up with a lot of lip gloss. At the end of the day, prospects still need to recognize your authority and your unique value.

The solution? Strip “sexy” down to its barest parts. What is sexy, if not a collection of attributes that we all have the power to control? So go ahead and start flirting. Here’s how:

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4 Outsourced Marketing Agencies You Never Want to Hire

Posted by Liz O'Neill

Good marketing agencies give you tools to educate and attract customers. Their work is fast and cost-effective. Bad marketing agencies give you nightmares… zombie apocalypse nightmares. Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

But we’re not about to leave you to the wolves. Though choosing an outsourced marketing partner can be a complicated process, there are some specific red flags you can learn to spot when interviewing your candidates. So without further ado, we’d like to introduce you to the 4 types of outsourced marketing agencies you NEVER want to hire:

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