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TriStar Plastics & PMG: B2B Content Marketing Campaign Success

Posted by Oren Smith on July 31, 2015

It’s not always easy casting a “boring” B2B business in an exciting and interesting light, even while marketing to people working in that respective niche industry. With that said, our PMG team relishes the opportunity to help businesses with lengthy, challenging sales cycles attract relevant traffic – and convert prospects into qualified leads. Industrial manufacturing firm and long-time HubSpot customer TriStar Plastics Corporation was no exception.

Our client TriStar designs, manufactures, and custom fabricates plastic bearing materials for 70+ industries in a wide range of applications. The company is passionate about educating manufacturers about the significant cost and design advantages of plastic bearing materials vs. more common metal bearings. Yet despite proven data, many engineers remain unaware that plastic bearings last longer, require less maintenance, and deliver a higher ROI than metal bearings.  

Harkening back to 2007, TriStar’s management was in the market for an outsourced partner who could help them better leverage analytics tools, rake in the A-list leads, and take marketing responsibilities off their plate so they could concentrate on the business. And believe it or not, entrepreneur and TriStar CEO Richard Cedrone was the man who initially introduced us to HubSpot’s marketing automation software.

Eight years later, we are a HubSpot Platinum Partner, still proudly providing results-driven content marketing strategy and execution for TriStar – and we aren’t slowing down any time soon!

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PR and Marketing 101: So You Got Some Press... Now What?

Posted by Maureen Condon on July 28, 2015

We've had clients who – in the past – had spent a good chunk of money on public relations and had fabulous results with "landing press." Yet sales didn't increase. Clients didn't flock. When we talked to these clients about what they did AFTER they landed the press, many looked at us perplexed. "You mean having press isn't enough?"


This brings us to one distinct difference between PR and marketing. A good public relations company or publicist can land you an interview on a hot radio show or successfully pitch your company's story to a magazine editor. But what happens after the segment airs or the feature goes to print? That's where marketing comes in. The function of press is to land you exposure. Marketing's function is to maximize it.

Need a few pointers on leveraging your press successes through strategic marketing? Here are 6 things you can do right now.

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Topics: B2B Marketing, Branding

Relationship Marketing Tips: 6 Ways to Practice Graceful Gratitude

Posted by Maureen Condon on July 24, 2015

Many businesses spend most of their time strategizing about how to make more money by attracting new clients or upselling to current clients. And when they're done, they brainstorm ways to keep more money by getting more for less from their employees, vendors and service providers...

Yet this will only get you so far, particularly in the B2B world where relationships are of the utmost importance. This is why B2B companies are finding better results by taking a different approach.

Instead of always focusing on how to get more from everyone, they also spend time considering how to show thanks for their prospects, clients, employees, vendors and partners. They've learned that showing appreciation can be a valuable relationship marketing strategy, especially when it's done sincerely.

Saying "thank you" is one of the most powerful things you can do as a business. While so much of your day communicates "what we do" as a company, showing appreciation speaks loudly to "who you are" as an organization. And how you are viewed as a company plays a huge role in your success.

If you're ready to make graceful gratitude a part of your marketing, here are 6 places to start:

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Topics: Relationship Marketing, Relationship-building

Keywords, CTAs & Conversions: How to Pump Up Your Online Presence

Posted by Susan LaPlante-Dube on July 23, 2015

Your online presence consists primarily of your company website and your social media accounts on LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Often times, these digital channels are the first impression of your business prospects receive when they begin the sales cycle. In fact, according to Marketo, 93% of business buyers use search to start their buying process. Think about it  how do you go about finding information when you're looking to make a purchase?

Of course, one of the biggest jobs that your online presence has is to attract visitors and them into leads and customers – and there are three critical ways to do that. Here they are:

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No Qualms about Questions: Professional Speaking Tips for Your Next Presentation

Posted by Maureen Condon on July 10, 2015

You’ve just delivered a presentation, and relief sets in. But not so fast – there is one more piece left. Neglecting it can turn a well-prepared talk into a nightmare.

Allowing time for audience questions – and preparing for it – is a critical part of the presentation process. Speakers who shine in this area use the time to reinforce key points, strengthen the audience-speaker connection and end presentations powerfully.

Q&A can be intimidating. While you can anticipate many questions relating to your topic and audience, some questions may surprise you. You may even feel insulted or annoyed by questions that challenge your message or force you to repeat information. An audience member may ask you something you don’t know or drone on about an individual situation that doesn’t apply to most of the group. Use these professional speaking tips to ensure you’re ready for whatever is thrown your way!

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Topics: B2B Marketing, Relationship Marketing

It’s Time to Get Real about Your Communication Goals

Posted by Maureen Condon on July 9, 2015

If I were to ask you about your communication goals for your next writing project or speaking gig, many of you would probably say that you just want to get it done. Not a bad goal, but you can do better. Each time you communicate, you have a goal – consciously or unconsciously. Think about it. Whenever you open your mouth or tap away at your keyboard, there is an end result you wish to achieve.

Now take it one step further. In most cases, you have a specific, immediate goal as well as a broader, more long-range goal. Becoming conscious of this reality will greatly improve your writing and speaking. Let me show you how:

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8 BBQ Ingredients for Writing a Blog Post That Sizzles

Posted by Oren Smith on June 29, 2015

School’s out, the graduation ceremonies are over, and your elusive ol’ pal Spring Cleaning finally managed to make his way over to your house for a weekend visit. Not to mention you’ve just returned from traveling all over the place to witness about half of your friends and relatives get married over the past few weeks. The crazy, busy life you lead seems to finally be winding down, if only for a couple months (you know, before the other half gets hitched in the fall).

You’re so ready for a well-deserved break, and you might have even opened up the pool! At last, it feels like summer, doesn’t it? And you know what that means… it’s time for SUMMER BARBECUES.

Sure, your best friend might have already thrown a Memorial Day extravaganza to end all other extravaganzas. But that doesn’t count! (Or at least for the sake of this article, it doesn’t.) We’re talking about firing up the grill with all your favorite summer ingredients – and then firing up your blog posts in EXACTLY the same way. In fact, 9 out of 10 inbound marketing specialists agree that B2B business blogging and barbecuing are, indeed, bound together by natural laws. It’s science. Tweet this stat! ;-)  So right here… right now… we’re throwing a blogbecue (oh yes, this metaphor is going full throttle).

According to the 2015 B2B Content Marketing: Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends Report, 80% of B2B firms surveyed deployed blogging as a content marketing tactic (up from 76% in 2014). Blogging won’t be taking a hiatus anytime soon, so if you haven’t joined the partay already, it’s high time you showed up. Need help cooking up content? Start by revving up your B2B BBQ with these 8 fixings for writing a blog post that will not disappoint…

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Topics: Content Marketing, Blogging

Clear Calls-to-Action Get Results

Posted by Maureen Condon on June 23, 2015

Summer in New England serves as a reminder of how precious time is. Pools and beaches are bustling, air conditioners and fans are powered up, and entertainment means baseball games, bestsellers and blockbusters. But before we know it, the chill in the air will return. Now is the time to savor moments, not waste them away.

I’m guilty of wasting time now and then, and I get over the guilt pretty quickly – we all need to be useless and unproductive occasionally, like when there’s a sappy Lifetime movie on television and a pint of Ben & Jerry’s in the fridge. I also know I’m not alone in time wasting.

According to a newly released study, 89% of U.S. employees report they waste time at work on a daily basis. The top three time-wasting activities? Browsing the Internet/Facebook, having too many meetings and conference calls, and “dealing with annoying coworkers.” Moreover, 4% of people surveyed waste at least half the average workday on tasks unrelated to their jobs.

Apparently, we all enjoy wasting time now and then. But when someone else wastes our time, most of us are not so forgiving. When you’re communicating to a group of employees, prospects, clients or colleagues, it’s important to demonstrate that you value their time. Salespeople who drone on during a presentation, bosses who hold endlessly long meetings and colleagues who include irrelevant stories and background facts during project updates are inefficient and ineffective. This means that you have to get to the point quickly and deliver a clear Call-to-Action.

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Copywriting Techniques: Using Your Words to Boost Business

Posted by Maureen Condon on June 19, 2015

If you’ve set a goal for 2015 that involves starting or growing a business or making more money, it’s time to consider the words you’ll use to accomplish your goal. For salespeople, entrepreneurs and professionals who are focused on achieving financial success, a good plan will always include these three objectives: (1) Attract new clients, (2) Leverage relationships with existing clients and (3) Become known as a trusted, credible expert in your industry.

Each of these pieces requires compelling, consistent communication. You have a choice about what types of communication you’ll use – website content and blogs, ads, brochures, sales letters, direct mail, eNewsletters, etc. But regardless of the medium you select, your copy is critical.

Here’s a breakdown of your three goals and the kind of copywriting techniques you’ll need to apply in order to reach them.

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B2B Content Marketing: Tougher than Shopping for Your Dad

Posted by Liz O'Neill on June 18, 2015

Well, it’s almost Father’s Day again, which means most of us will spend our Saturday wandering around Home Depot, looking for something—anything— we haven’t seen in Dad’s garage yet. Why the procrastination? Why the lack of imagination? Because shopping for Dad is tough.

…Almost as tough as B2B content marketing, and for some strikingly similar reasons. For example:

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