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"I owe [PMG] so much credit for helping me rebrand my company and fine tune my messaging. As a result, I was able to raise my rates, increase my business twofold in the first year, and exponentially since.

-Jennessa Durrani, Owner of Celebrate Studios

Abracadabra...Website Conversion!


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Your website holds huge opportunity as a sales powerhouse. Is it living up to its potential? Most people who visit a website disappear within 8 seconds. Poof! 

That’s not much time to make an impression, much less a sale. What kind of magic can we pull off in those few seconds to keep them on your site, and get them to take action? 

Well, we have a ton of website conversion tricks up our sleeve, including: 

  • Strong calls to action
  • A clear, easy purchase process (think Amazon’s one-click purchase)
  • Targeted offers that fit the right promotions with the right customers, based on behavioral and demographic research
  • Personalized email marketing that embeds promotions and content that are based on the individual’s past clicks, purchases, and website activity
  • Site navigation that minimizes clicks
  • Focused and attractive site design 

Precision Marketing Group can turn your URL into a website conversion machine. Whether a few basic adjustments are needed to make sure that visitors can easily complete a transaction, or more extensive design, content, or back-end “slight of hand” are in order – we can walk you through all of it, and help get your website selling like, well, magic.