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Isn't It Time You Lowered Your Cost per Lead?

From advertising on Google's display network to remarketing on social sites and industry media outlets, our clients leverage our PPC services and expertise to build greater brand awareness and attract the right prospects. We’ll pair you with our Paid Search Specialist to develop highly targeted pay-per-click campaigns that seamlessly work with your website and get you quality leads right out of the gate!

Campaign Assessment

Yes, we are a Google AdWords Certified Partner. And yes, we offer assessments of your current PPC campaigns to help you identify fixes for a few quick wins, as well as recommendations and costs for new campaigns. That said, paid search isn't for everyone—we'll look at your Avg. Customer Lifetime Value and evaluate whether the cost per click will make it difficult to produce a positive ROI. We're here to maximize your budget, not deplete it.

Keyword Research

The cornerstone of an effective pay-per-click campaign is conducting keyword research and selecting the best keywords to bid on (you know, the ones most likely to result in clicks and conversions). Our team uses a number of tools and techniques to identify the right search terms to pursue; combined with customer insights and target buyer persona information, it's a PPC force to be reckoned with.

Display Ad Copywriting

Remember, it's your advertising dollars. Don't let money go down the drain with ads that aren't resonating with your target audience. Our experienced copywriters will work with you to systematically test different messaging across ad variations to discover your most potent value propositions. Then we'll apply these paid search insights to create the most compelling, attractive message to use for your PPC campaign.

Google Remarketing

Ever visit a website to look at a company's latest offerings… then later, you see their ads showing up on another site? It's called Google remarketing – and it's a smart way to stay connected with site visitors who may not have made an immediate purchase or provided their contact info for subsequent follow-up. If you aren’t using remarketing, you could be throwing away an opportunity to grow your business at a very affordable cost. We can help!

Optimization & Management

Our PPC services are comprehensive, meaning we do it all – from account setup to ongoing management, and everything in between. This includes monitoring spending and testing keywords, ad copy, and custom landing pages. We also examine Google Analytics data to see how your campaigns are contributing to overall website performance. Then, we adjust as needed so you're generating the most qualified leads at the lowest possible cost.

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