Update: December 18, 2020

We are committed to providing updates on the diversity and racial justice initiatives we outlined in our Open Letter on June 11.

Here are the actions our business has taken since our last update:

December 18, 2020

  • As a result of its popularity and impact, PMG has committed to hold a second Witnessing Whiteness Workshop in early 2021 for any new team members and for those who were unable to join the first one. Here is what one employee has to say about our first - and still ongoing - WW Workshop series:

    "Aside from opening my eyes to privilege, systems of oppression, and other harmful cultural and societal norms I had been unaware of for so long, it's been so meaningful to go through this process of unlearning and re-learning together as a team. The conversations we are having and the workshops we're doing are making us better allies, coworkers, and marketers in the long run."

  • PMG has committed to source interns through AMA Baltimore's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion team, which is co-led by one of our own, Ashley Young! 

September 17, 2020

  • Ten PMG employees met for the first time for our Witnessing Whiteness Workshops. There are 11 workshops in all and we will be holding them monthly. The team participated with honesty, and vulnerability. 

June 19, 2020

We are committed to providing updates on the diversity and racial justice initiatives we outlined in our Open Letter on June 11. Here are the actions our business has taken this week:

Much more work to do, and we will share as we go!

June 11, 2020

Fourteen years ago, we merged our respective businesses with big goals in mind. We were excited to grow our awesome client base, build a team of talented marketers, deliver great results, and give back wherever and whenever we could. 

At the time, we did not proactively think about the role our company would or could play in driving systemic change in our country. We did not consciously commit as leaders to take a stand publicly on issues like racism. We have never issued a public statement or open letter about any social justice issue.

That ends today. 

While the murder of George Floyd was sadly not the first we had seen at the hands of police, his death is the one that has led to global protests and calls for change that have pulled in people of all ages and races and taken on an urgency and energy that neither of us have seen in our adult lives.

These events have caused both of us to do some soul searching and reflect on our responsibility not only as the leaders of our company, but also as white American women. While we always have considered ourselves to be aware of the racism in our country, we are more conscious of how deep its pain goes, how prevalent it is, and how much things need to change. 

We are committed to not be silent about the racism that persists in our country, and we will do more than simply post our support for racial equality on our social media channels. We own our role in making and inspiring positive change toward racial justice.

This effort will evolve as we learn more and do more - and we know we will make mistakes along the way, as the more we read, learn and watch, the more we realize how much we do not know. 

As a start, today we want to share the five things the PMG leadership will immediately do:

  1. Hire a diversity trainer to conduct formal diversity training for our team.
  2. Hold Witnessing Whiteness workshops at PMG so our team can confront biases;  connect with a shared understanding of privilege, whiteness, and race; and enhance our ability to support and implement diversity and racial justice initiatives. These groups have become more active in recent days
  3. Commit to ongoing financial support to a racial justice initiative - this could take the form of a scholarship/grant for minority students or business owners, a monthly sponsorship of an organization, and/or matching employee donations to racial justice causes. 
  4. Do more than talk about increasing the diversity of our team (which is 88% white) and intentionally cast a wider net in our recruiting efforts to attract more diverse candidates.
  5. Review the content and marketing we create for ourselves and our clients to ensure that what we are putting out in the world does not perpetuate racism. 

This is not enough, not by a long shot. But it’s a first step, and we remain committed to taking more to grow as individuals, as a team, as a company.

We invite your ideas, insights, and questions as we go. 


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