We're NOT Precision Marketing in Charlotte, NC

Are you looking for Precision Marketing in Charlotte, NC? Unfortunately, you are NOT in the right place.

Precision Marketing Group has a presence in many locations along the East Coast – including Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Virginia, Georgia, and Florida – but we do not have an office in Charlotte, NC. If you are engaging with a Precision Marketing in Charlotte, that is a DIFFERENT organization.

Inaccurate Google Search Results

Unfortunately, even when internet users type in search terms specifically designating the company in North Carolina (using phrases that include the geographic location), our business still populates Google's top results because our website and other online accounts and social platforms are well optimized for search engines – and Google has not yet deciphered the difference for some keyword phrases. See the example below:

Inaccurate Google Search Results

Again, we are NOT Precision Marketing in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Steps You Can Take

If you believe an organization is misrepresenting itself in any way, the United States government advises that you take the following actions:

  • Gather supporting documentation (receipts, contracts, warranties, etc.)
  • Print out any relevant email communication.
  • Contact the seller to attempt to work out the problem, preferably in writing.

If the problem continues, you should contact / file a consumer complaint with:

  • Your consumer protection agency.
  • The Better Business Bureau (BBB).
  • The Federal Trade Commission (FTC).
  • Your state Attorney General.

Note: we have contacted Google about this issue, and we have also tried to contact the business owner without any luck.

Our Privacy Policy

To reiteate our privacy policy, we do not ever sell the personal information of any of our clients, contacts, business partners, website visitors or any other people who engage with our content / communications to any third party. 

For more information, please view our full Privacy Policy here.

Thank you for reading. We hope this issue will be resolved as soon as possible.