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Please Note: PMG is in the process of revamping our entire content strategy. We have temporarily put a hold on guest blogging requests. We will keep this page updated when applications re-open.

We are not accepting new guest blogging applications at this time. 

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Hello – and welcome to Precision Marketing Group's guest blogging application page! Our B2B marketing blog is home to a growing number of high-quality guest contributions, and we are always looking to add a fresh perspective to the content we offer our audience. In fact, our most popular post was written by a guest contributor! Could your post be our next addition?

Our blog really took off a few years ago. It's by far our biggest source of traffic to our website, it generates numerous newsletter subscribers and visitor-to-lead conversions for our agency every month, and a number of PMG clients first found us by performing a non-branded search and landing on one of our ranking blog articles.

That said, not only has our blog been an effective marketing channel for our business, it's been an excellent way for us to connect with our readers and help people who are trying to create stronger marketing and sales programs and grow their organizations. We love engaging with fellow content enthusiasts and sharing our insights

Because our website forms (as well as members of our team) receive guest blogging inquiries every single day, we decided to make the application process easier for both our agency and writers like you! If you're looking for guest blogging opportunities, read on to get the scoop—and to submit your content for review.

About Our Audience

Our agency primarily serves B2B companies, most of which fall into the technology / software / SaaS, manufacturing / distribution, and professional services industries. And most of our content is tailored to help marketing, sales and service professionals—as well as business owners and senior / C-level executives—who work in these industries.

PMG is also a HubSpot Platinum Agency Partner, and while our blog is not HubSpot-specific (nor are all of our services), a healthy portion of our audience is comprised of HubSpot users, and we do publish HubSpot-related content from time to time.

Because we cater to a diverse group of readers with various levels of knowledge, we write and post about a diverse set of topics. If you'd like to contribute to our blog, your best bet would be to submit an article that aligns with one of the following categories:

  • Marketing strategy, techniques and best practices
  • Business growth strategy
  • Content creation
  • HubSpot hacks and tips
  • Lead generation and lead nurturing
  • Buyer enablement
  • Sales enablement
  • Data analysis and reporting
  • MarTech, Artificial Intelligence, and emerging trends
  • Customer success, retention and growth
  • SEO and content strategy
  • Paid search and social
  • Creative direction and website design

PMG Guest Post Criteria

Like we mentioned above, our content caters to a wide variety of readers, and we like to mix it up with respect to the topics we write about! But every guest contribution made to our website should meet the following criteria:

  • Unique Content: Your content must be unique to our website. It can't be published anywhere else, and should not have already been published on another site (even if that content has since been removed from the site).
  • Post Length. Your content needs to be at least 800 words in length. Ideally, your blog post's title will not exceed 70 characters; if it does, we will likely change the title of your article to make it shorter. Also, a meta description of no more than 160 characters should also be provided.
  • Style and Format. While we do have an internal PMG style guide for copy on our website, it generally adheres to the AP Stylebook. That being said, the tone we like to strike is relatively casual. While it's important for us to showcase our professionalism and expertise (and for you to do so, too!), your writing should feel approachable for people who do not have a lot of marketing experience. Moreover, your post should be formatted to be easily readable—including H2 headers, short paragraphs, bulleted or numbered lists where applicable, etc. If your blog requires a Table of Contents, our template can accommodate for the styling.

  • Images. Although images are not technically required for submitting an article, any images, screenshots, GIFs, graphs, tables, etc. that support your content are encouraged. Just be sure to cite the source if the image is taken from another website. At the top of each blog post, our template also calls for a banner image. We try to ensure these images are not posted anywhere else, so our team is likely to pick one out for your article. However, we are open to suggestion and you are welcome to send us an image of your choosing, also subject to change. Note that the ideal banner image dimensions are 1600 pixels W by 500 pixels H.
  • Bio and Headshot. Please include a succinct biography (2-4 sentences) that provides information about you, your current role and your area of expertise. You may include a link to any social media account you use professionally, as well. In addition, please provide a high-resolution headshot (professional photo) of the author in a PNG or JPEG file format.

Backlinks to Your Website

We understand that guest blogging is an important part of a successful link building strategy—and that many guest contributors are seeking to build up their website Domain Authority and generate more traffic to their own blogs. We get it! And we've deployed this strategy ourselves.

That being said, our blog is an educational resource for our readers, and while we certainly permit a link or two back to your website (provided that your website demonstrates quality) and a mention of your company in the article, we can't emphasize enough that your post must not be self-promotional and any links should direct readers to content that is relevant to the topic of the post. Otherwise these links will be removed.

Rights of Use

Upon submitting your guest post content, please note that you are granting Precision Marketing Group unlimited rights of use. This may include publishing and promotion across several channels in addition to our website (email, social, etc.). Our marketing team also reserves the right to edit the content for style, clarity, and tone.

However, we do encourage you to promote the published blog post link via your own channels and networks, as well.

Note: We currently do not charge or accept payments for guest blog contributions.

The Guest Blogging Application Process

Here’s a brief overview of what your experience will look like:

  1. Fill out the form below.

  2. Our marketing team will review your application within 10 business days. Please do not follow up within this time frame. We receive guest post proposals every single day—and because we take the review process very seriously, we allocate time to do this on a bi-weekly basis.

  3. Your blog post will either be accepted or rejected. Due to the high volume of guest post contributions we receive, we only reach out to those applicants whose submissions are accepted. If we do not contact you within 10 business days, please feel free to submit your idea / content to a different media outlet or website.

  4. If your post is accepted, we will send you an email containing any feedback or questions we have for you, as well as a target publish date.

Reasons for Rejection

Before submitting your content, please review the following potential reasons why our marketing team might reject your guest post application.

  • Your article doesn’t contribute anything new for our readers. If we already have very similar content on our blog, if it’s too simple, generic or vague, or—and this should go without saying—it plagiarizes content from another source, your article will not be accepted.
  • The quality of your writing just doesn’t cut it. If your article is riddled with spelling and grammar errors, if the content requires heavy editing, or if what you’ve written simply isn’t accurate, we will not move forward with the process.
  • The content isn’t written with our audience in mind. The vast majority of PMG’s clients are in the B2B space, and while we work in a variety of industries, our audience is largely comprised of digital marketers, sales and service professionals, and executives from mid-sized companies.
  • Your post doesn’t meet the length requirement. While PMG blog posts vary greatly with respect to word count, your content will not be considered if it’s too short.
  • Your content is way too promotional. Keep in mind that our blog’s primary purpose is to educate. Our readers don’t want a sales pitch; they want to learn something new. While we are committed to providing a relevant link back to your website, too many mentions of your company will serve as a red flag.


Guest Blogging is Temporarily Halted.
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