Content Marketing Grader

The Secrets to Getting Straight A's

How does your content marketing strategy measure up? It's time to take the test! Try our free Content Marketing Grader™ to get practical tips and insights – and shore up your content program today.

Was the fourth-grade-you about to turn tail and run at the word “grader”? (Memories of red ink and hidden report cards popping up, by any chance?) Don’t worry – we’re not here to judge. Content marketing services is demanding stuff, even for over-achievers.

Download our Content Marketing Grader™ now! With this handy tool, we’ll help you understand how your current content marketing excels – and where there are opportunities to improve.

Creating compelling content that regularly educates and engages your target audience – phew, that’s a tall order! But the payoffs are worth it: recent figures show that content marketing generates about 3 times as many leads as traditional marketing – and costs 62% less.

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And if you’re still chewing the end of your pencil at the challenge of creating all of that content, our content marketing services team is always here to help.