The Complete Guide: Content Marketing for Manufacturers

A no-nonsense how-to guide on manufacturing keyword research, developing a content strategy that works, and how to write content that converts visitors to leads. 

As more and more of your customers search online, it's never been more important to build a content strategy. 

We get it. Your time is short. Marketing your company online may not be top of mind, let alone creating a content marketing program for it. 

Aptly named Content Marketing 101 for B2B Manufacturers, this introductory guide provides practical advice to help you develop messaging that will engage your core audience, fill your funnel, and help you appear at the top of Google Search results. 

Your copy will give you pointers on:

  • Developing a keyword-centric SEO strategy (so you don't waste your time writing content that won't drive results.)
  • The kinds of content that work best for manufacturers today. 
  • Completing a competitive analysis, so you can use momentum that's already working for your competition. 
  • And much, much more. 
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