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Today’s PMG Pro Tip introduces a few great ways you can leverage Glassdoor as a part of your company’s marketing strategy!

What Is Glassdoor?

Glassdoor happens to be one of the fastest growing job search and recruiting sites. But Glassdoor also holds a growing database of millions of company reviews, CEO approval ratings, answered questions and more.

If you’re managing or marketing a small to mid-sized business, you might be surprised how many of your prospects or newer customers are googling you or the types of solutions you offer – and not only finding and checking out your website, but checking out reviews, chief among them Glassdoor reviews.

Why Does It Matter?

Glassdoor is a place where your employees or colleagues can write about their experiences working at your company. And it’s no secret that people on the hunt for a partner want to do business with good people. And happy people. And a company that’s respected by its people.

Professional services firms can particularly benefit from a strong Glassdoor presence, as well as any business where members of your team—account managers or sales reps —are client facing, or regularly interacting with your customers. Interestingly, we’ve had Glassdoor come up for us in several of our own sales conversations, where we’ve had prospects reach out to us specifically because they noticed that we had great reviews on Glassdoor, and they cared about that.

This can be a big differentiator for you during your sales process, especially if you have high employee retention, and especially if your competitors don’t have a Glassdoor profile – or if they have negative reviews published by disgruntled employees.

Here's What You Can Do Right Now...

Step #1: If there isn’t a Glassdoor profile for your company already created, create one! If you’re working in a marketing or sales role, you may need to team up with someone in your company, like the founder or someone from the C-Suite, who can serve as the verification gate keeper.

Step #2: Next, send a note to your employees, or add it to the agenda for your next company-wide meeting, and tell them that you’re working on creating a presence on Glassdoor as part of your marketing strategy. Then ask your employees or team members to write a review on the company’s behalf if they feel compelled to do so!

Step #3: Finally, once you have a bunch of reviews on Glassdoor – publish a testimonial or two on your website’s Team or About page, or showcase that you have an awesome 5-star rating from your company’s employees. Or you can even include a link to your Glassdoor profile right on your site, too.

Bonus Tip: Google Your Company!

We also highly recommend that you perform a Google search on your business. There are a number of review sites out there, including social media sites and even just straight up Google reviews, where you might find interesting comments from customers. If they’re good, awesome! If there are some that are less-than-ideal, you may want to work on asking some of the customers with whom you have strong relationships for positive reviews. But that’s another tip for another day!

So get on Glassdoor and get to it! In addition to all the other features the site offers, you might find some unexpected marketing success by using this platform.

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Oren Smith | Marketing Manager
Oren Smith, Marketing Manager

Oren Smith—our resident Marketing Manager and data geek... *ahem* expert—has been heading up PMG's marketing for 5+ years. Between stretches of content writing and inbound strategy, you might find him planning his next adventure abroad or enjoying a good, old-fashioned lobster roll.

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