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What do you think about wishing on a star for new leads? Or casting a few pennies into the website traffic fountain? …Not interested? We didn’t think so.

Rather than misfiring your marketing at unsuspecting prospects, the inbound marketing methodology focuses on creating quality content that attracts relevant potential buyers to your company, no chasing required. We’re pretty emphatic fans of inbound at PMG. Why? Because it works. And we love sharing the results our clients have seen from inbound marketing programs we’ve planned and executed over the course of our engagements. Here’s a look at a recent client growth story featuring our lighting expert pals over at Wolfers!

A Little Background…

We teamed up with Wolfers Lighting back in January 2015. Wolfers partners with a broad spectrum of interior designers, architects, builders and contractors, infusing their clients’ various projects with technical expertise and innovative lighting solutions to match. As a critical member of the construction process, Wolfers also serves as a trusty guide, offering on-site planning sessions and design consultations in order to supply the right lighting that satisfies the client’s aesthetics, streamlines functionality and keeps within the budget constraints of each job.

No doubt, we can continue to wax poetic about their incredible business and sleek products, but what of their inbound marketing strategy? How have we achieved results that align with the inbound marketing methodology?


First things first, it was important to pinpoint the primary challenges at hand. Given that Wolfers runs a pretty “sexy” business relative to most B2B firms, they had already been accumulating a steady number of website visits every month. But their site wasn’t working hard enough for them in terms of its lead generation and lead nurturing capabilities. Moreover, their social platforms were being underutilized and outshined by a few competitor accounts.

We subsequently identified a need for streamlining access to prominent points of conversion on the website. Moreover, we were aiming to pump up visibility and branding efforts via social media by enhancing their outreach to contractors, designers and other members of their target audience, as well as increasing engagement with these online communities. It's no secret that social media is where people live today – and as a “people” company, Wolfers needed to not only live there, but to rule the industry roost!

The Inbound Solutions

The inbound solutions we brainstormed and created were primarily focused on the first two phases of the methodology: Attract and Convert. We regularly guide and contribute to Wolfers’ content marketing program, and we’ve enjoyed working on a number of cool design-oriented projects to help them better connect with their prospective buyers. However, we’ve recently concentrated on three elements in particular during Q3 2016:

Solution #1.
We’ve undertaken new in-depth social initiatives that home in on Houzz, Pinterest and Instagram. Wolfers Lighting’s products are visually appealing, to say the least, and they certainly lend themselves to these imagery-based channels. But we needed to take these accounts to the next level – where they would actually drive traffic and greater brand recognition for top-of-the-funnel buyers.

On Houzz, we added additional projects with more complete descriptions, we optimized their existing Waltham project photos with supportive keywords, and we showcased Wolfers’ expertise across relevant discussion boards. We began following and reaching out to members of the client’s target audience on Instagram to promote awareness and reciprocal engagement. And on Pinterest, we sought to grow the account via cross-promotion on other social channels, and illuminate the lifestyle that comes along with purchasing Wolfers products.

Wolfers Lighting on Houzz

Solution #2. We wrote and designed two brand new pieces of premium content (in this case, two downloadable worksheets) – complete with HubSpot landing pages and CTAs – and promoted the heck out of them utilizing HubSpot’s blogging, social and email marketing tools.

This content aligns with the needs of their target buyers who are moving closer to the point of purchase. Robyn Bradley, PMG copywriter extraordinaire who collaborated with Wolfers to produce the content elaborates on the objective: The goal of the worksheets was to arm potential customers with the information they needed to gather BEFORE visiting a lighting showroom. By having this inforoom measurements, wall colors, countertop materials, empowers them to make better decisions, and it helps our lighting consultants provide better guidance.”

If interested, you can download the content below!

Solution #3. To further streamline conversion, we needed to create a navigational pathway that makes sense for all types of visitors, no matter where they land in the sales cycle. We built out a simple yet effective Resources Page on the HubSpot COS that presents free goodies to Wolfers audience members in one succinct package.

And finally our account team said, “Let there be light!” We kind of had to, right? :)

WATT a Transformation!

No, the metaphors can’t be stopped. And neither can the awesome inbound marketing results! Here’s a summary of what we’ve seen over the past two months since the launch of the new content.

Social engagement is soaring! August 2016 was by far Wolfers’ best month in terms of social performance. And as far as awareness efforts go, our brand advocacy strategy is proving effective, as direct traffic to the website hit a new high in August, too! Other details include:

  • Pinterest is showing the most promise when it comes to web traffic: a 300% increase in visits to the site via Pinterest from July to August, no less!
  • Instagram is turning out to be a great relationship builder with local designers. They quickly accrued 63 followers (hey, it’s a start!) and people have begun engaging with the content on a daily basis – likes, comments, etc.
  • We’ve also substantially grown their following on all three accounts, and they’ve surpassed all major target competitors in follower count on Houzz.

Resources Page pays off! In just two months, the new Resources website page is responsible for 72 conversion assists, contributing to 69% of new visitor-to-contact conversions from August and September to be precise. It’s racked up 938 views since its inception, and it cracked the top 5 most viewed pages for this time period, as well. Not to mention that the Call-to-Action click-through rates for a number of resources featured on the page have nearly doubled!

So much Landing Page love. The Bathroom Lighting Worksheet’s landing page conversion rate has been a steady 20% over the last two months, which is typically what we like to see as a starting point for a new offer. The Kitchen Worksheet, however, has been converting at 32%!

Kitchen Worksheet Data

Year-over-year leaps and bounds! Overall, Wolfers has even seen amazing year-over-year jumps in both traffic and leads. In August, they reached 10,930 visits (a 28.5% increase from August 2015), and they also achieved a 127.3% boost in leads! The trend continued in September with a 41.8% increase in traffic and a 56.2% bump in leads.

  • It’s also important to note that these statistics do not include paid social campaigns Wolfers has executed on their own. GO INBOUND!

We're proud of our work, but what really makes us feel great is when the clients are proud, too. Wolfers Lighting President Steve Brand had these kind words to say about our inbound marketing engagement: “We appreciate how PMG puts together thoughtful, targeted content that benefits our customers and prospects alike. Every time we launch a new offer, we see an increase in downloads.” Brand continued, “But PMG also thinks about the long-term. We don't just launch a kitchen or bath worksheet and then forget about it. They urged us to create a Resources section on our site to house all of our offers so that customers could easily find them. So we did. And it's now one of our most-viewed pages.”

A Bright Future Ahead

Inbound marketing has certainly brought Wolfers Lighting success over the past couple of years and outstanding results in just the past two months! We look forward to continuing our engagement, and we can only hope to take traffic, leads and sales to the next level in the months to come.

Account Manager Alexis Silvers, who has led the inbound charge alongside Wolfers' in-house marketing manager Andrea Vandenbroeke chimes in: "Over the past year we’ve seen so much growth from our blogging and social media efforts. Andrea and Steve are fabulous partners that really ‘get’ inbound marketing. I’m looking forward to amping up the social media and blogging efforts in 2017. We’ve hit a really great pace in 2016, and 2017 is sure to bring big things." Can't wait to see what happens next!

Interested in learning more about inbound marketing – and how it can help your business? Contact us today, and let's take a look at what we can do to get your business's marketing strategy on the right track!

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