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There are many things we love about B2B inbound marketing. But, just like filling out a Valentine's Day card for that special someone, sometimes our words fail us.

To save you the trouble of communicating your feelings, I've put together some cards for you to deliver to your fellow inbound enthusiasts (or, you know, that office crush down the hall). They're sure to impress the B2B inbound marketing professional in your life. 

1. Love Is Not Required

B2B Inbound Marketing Valentine #1

B2B Inbound Marketing Tip: Required Form Fields

When it comes to converting website visitors into leads, your landing page's form is critical. Particularly when serving up top-of-the-funnel offers to prospects just starting out on their buyer's journey, don't mark too many fields as required. Show them a little love by balancing what info you absolutely need with the information you want. Research shows that you have approximately 6 seconds to get them to fill out the form, so too many required fields could create a friction point and the user will likely bounce. Learn more about this from HubSpot.

2. You're the Only Contact for Me

B2B Inbound Marketing Valentine #2

B2B Inbound Marketing Tip: Contact List Maintenance

Make sure your contact list is receiving some TLC, too! Particularly when studies are telling us that the average B2B database decays at a rate of 2.1% per month, it's important to clean them up periodically. That means deleting outdated emails, duplicate entries, etc. If not maintained, it can start to get messy.

You might find this article helpful while cleaning up and merging contact properties: Six Ways To Keep Your Data Clean. Also, PMG recently published an article about our recent contact re-engagement campaign. Get ideas for your own campaign here!

3. Shot Through the Heart

B2B Inbound Marketing Valentine #3

B2B Inbound Marketing Tip: Search Engine Optimization

The SEO landscape is changing faster than you can "swipe left." Google's algorithms shift often and a number of factors are taken into account in order to deliver the best search results possible to the user. That being said, on-page SEO can still make a big difference in your rankings! We consistently see significant boosts in organic search traffic to our clients' websites as a result of the optimization work we do. Our blog post, Content Optimization Still Matters: 7 Tips for Success, will help you get your on-page SEO in shape.

Communicating with your prospects and customers can feel like the first time you ever said "I love you". What if they don't respond? Do they love me back? I'm so scared.

Feel free to reach out for help developing a lovable conent marketing program. We can help calm those nerves. From our team to yours, have a Happy Valentine's Day! :)

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