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At this point, there’s no doubt that the new medium of marketing is the medium of sound. In this era of thought leadership, what better way to have your audience listen to you than to, well, literally have them listen to you? The importance of being heard is nothing new in the marketing industry, but what is new is the way that voices are now being spread around: through podcasts.

Why are podcasts so cool? They’re a new approach to good old-fashioned communication. They’re a platform that's both interactive and responsive (two characteristics which also happen to be building blocks of modern marketing). And, if they're done right (and there are lots of ways to do them wrong), they can be interesting, informative, and can take up a listener’s time without wasting their time.

Like every other type of content on the internet, however, there are mass amounts of business and marketing podcasts out there. Nothing’s worse than getting 10 or 15 minutes into a podcast only to realize you haven’t actually heard anything worth listening to yet. That’s why we’ve conveniently assembled the Top 5 Best Marketing Podcasts in this post – all you have to do is tune in.

1. UNTHINKABLE by Jay Acunzo

Jay Acunzo is a content freak. He produces Unthinkable, runs a blog called Sorry for Marketing, previously worked for Google and has been head of content for multiple startups. Not to mention he is VP of platform at NextView, and co-founder of Boston Content. Fortunately for us, this young talent has taken the time to speak his truth about content and being “bothered by suck” in the marketing industry. Instead of tips, tricks, and quick fixes, Acunzo is focused on how the smallest details for businesses reap the biggest results.

Featured Episode: Knowing vs. Acting (Plus a Revealing Talk About Making Unthinkable)

This little episode includes a bonus podcast that you should stream right now – Louder than Words – as Acunzo guest featured on the show to talk about his work, his passion, and his obsession with getting it right. Also included here is one of his solo podcasts on the importance of attention to detail – making things 2% better. Stick through the ad and you won’t be sorry – Jay uses personal anecdotes and experience to pad his stories and message with a little bit of humanity. He’s creative, he’s sarcastic, he’s young but highly-practiced, and best of all for us East Coasters, he’s local. Give him a listen in your spare time and find yourself nodding along with his experiences.

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Hosted by founders Corbett Barr, Chase Reeves and Steph Crowder (plus not-a-founder-but-equally-important Barrett Brooks), The Fizzle Show is one of my favorites on this list. is a company dedicated to helping indie entrepreneurs move their businesses forward by giving them the weekly advice and guidance they need as they continue to move along with their goals. Plus, these guys are unscripted and hilarious. Like, really funny. And they give awesome and valuable advice that is applicable not only to new business owners, but for marketers who are looking to expand their reach and have more of an impact on their target audiences.

Featured Episode: “When I Started My First Business, I Lost My Wife, and It Was Worth It” (FS145)

It’s about as interesting as it sounds. But beyond the controversial title, this episode deals with what it’s like to fail. They really get into it around the 12-minute mark, but listen from minute one. Like the rest of their episodes, it’s entertaining, controversial, hilarious, casual, conversational, and informative all the way through. Take some time to listen in and think about the question Fizzle poses in this episode: that is, “What is the role of failure in your success?”

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3. THE #ASKGARYVEE SHOW by Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk is the owner of VaynerMedia and a business builder straight out of college. Having increased his family’s wine business from a $3M company to a $60M business in just five years, the Forbes 40 under 40 candidate now lives life as a CEO and imparts what he’s learned through vlogs and question-and-answer sessions. Self-described as “loving the hustle,” Vaynerchuk is a fast talker who knows his stuff and is eager to share it. Not quite a podcast, #AskGaryVee is a video series in which Vaynerchuk and the occasional guest sit down and chat about specific questions sent in to him each week.

Featured Episode: Episode 216

On this episode, Vaynerchuk addresses his flaws as an interviewer, the importance of not letting negativity drive your success, what it takes to win, and how to deal with people who attempt to manipulate your services and the way you sell them. Listen carefully through his hilarious and wisecracking ego to hear the real advice that he’s giving and the real wisdom that you can take from him as a listener who believes in the best practices for promotion and good business.

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Mitch Joel, or the “rockstar of digital marketing,” is the president of Mirum and uses this brilliant podcast to provide marketing and media insights in a business world that he aptly describes as being “always on.” It’s highly insightful, extremely professional, very well-made and has some of the best and most compelling interviews of any business podcast out there. Plus, out of the rest of the podcasts on this list, it’s most applicable to B2B marketing practices.

Featured Episode: Orgasmic Digital Marketing with Avinash Kaushik

This conversation between two digital marketing superstars is held over breakfast at a conference. The background is buzzing with café noises and human voices, but the real energy is in the foreground as Joel and Kaushik banter about analytics and digital marketing in the past, present, and the future. Also be sure to check out his most recent podcast, Maria Konnikova on The Confidence Game, which details Konnikova’s experience interviewing con artists and what she learned about the allure of confidence (and how Joel relates this back to consumerism as a key factor in business).


5. THIS OLD MARKETING PODCAST by Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose

Content marketing gurus Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose are among the most trusted and well-practiced marketers out there, so this podcast is worth your time. During each episode, they go over all things content marketing – stuff that’s new, that’s in the news, that works, that doesn’t work, that they hate/love/don’t care about, plus real-world application of their chosen subject and how we can learn from major trends happening across the globe. And that’s just scratching the surface.

Featured Episode: PNR 140: Compared to Advertising, Content Marketing is Still Petite

Their most recent episode is on top of the ball, highlighting the new game Pokémon Go and the world’s random and overwhelming obsession with it. How do they relate it back to content marketing? Listen and learn.

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