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Developing your target buyer personas can have a significant impact on your B2B marketing strategy. Marketers who take the time to define in detail the various types of people who could potentially buy from them say they find it easier to:

  • Define their offerings
  • Create compelling marketing messages
  • Produce marketing content that resonates with the right people
  • Distribute their marketing to the right places for maximum ROI   

But there is one critical thing a buyer persona can never tell you about whether someone would make a great customer  chemistry.

You know how important chemistry is in your love life and friendships. And it's just as important in your business. Good chemistry in your client relationships tends to create an environment where:

  • Negotiations go more smoothly
  • Collaboration is more productive
  • Problems are handled more easily
  • Better outcomes are achieved
  • The whole experience is more enjoyable

The top four things that can help you recognize good chemistry in a sales situation:

1. Conversation is easy

Job interviews and initial sales calls can be intimidating and even awkward. But it doesn't take long for the conversation to pick up when you have good chemistry, even with a shy person. You often can tell within the first few minutes whether you have a chemistry fit with someone. That doesn't mean the person you're meeting has to be just like you, it just means that there is a mutual good spiritedness to the discussion.    

2. You are generally like-minded

We often talk about working with people who "get it" – in our case, that means we like to work with B2B entrepreneurs who understand that they need to market their business and they want a strategic partner to help them get it done right. Typically, these individuals are open to the kind of partnerships we seek. Identify what type of mindset or approach your best clients have so you'll know it when you see it.

3. There is a give and take

With good chemistry, the interactions are not one-sided. There is a dynamic where both parties are engaged and participating. Now one side may naturally talk more than the other, especially during a job interview or sales call, but the quieter partner will still play an active role by asking questions, answering positively and giving non-verbal cues like smiling and nodding often. Few people will come out and say "we have good chemistry," but by paying attention to the interaction you will always notice it.    

4. Your gut feels good

This is perhaps the most critical indicator of good chemistry. How does your gut feel during, and more importantly, after the meeting? It can be hard to deal with gut checks when you are in the midst of interviewing a job candidate or pitching your company, but as soon as you can, pay attention. And if you are not sure, give it a few hours or a day. Your gut will never steer you wrong about whether a person will be a good fit for your business.    

It's worth nothing that the signs above will also works for your human resource efforts, as well. You may have other hot buttons that alert you to potentially strong partnerships. The key is to know them and respond to them before it's too late.

Now it takes much more than chemistry for your client and employee relationships to thrive, so you'll want to clarify the skills, qualities and knowledge you are looking for in employees, vendors and clients. But if you also factor in chemistry, you are bound to have much more productivity, profitability and fun along the way!

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Maureen Condon | PMG Principal
Maureen Condon, PMG Principal

Before Maureen Condon became one of the Principals of PMG in 2006, she was a writer and a business owner – which explains why she specializes in content marketing and strategy. Covering topics that will help businesses get real, measured results from marketing – success you can see in numbers – Maureen likes to back companies in their efforts to create a strategy, a compelling message, and programs that connect with prospects, clients and influencers in ways that drive sales. And she does so, with panache!

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