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Here at PMG we encourage our clients to blog, but sometimes we are met with resistance. Recently, one of our clients asked, “Why would I ever be so arrogant as to think people give a crap about what I have to say?”

Ummm… well, once we helped him get over his self-esteem issues, we came up with a few good reasons!

Before we get into those, it’s important to note that this client is the founder of a small professional services company. We work with a number of these types of businesses and marketing them can be a bit tricky, because they don’t sell products – they sell knowledge and experience.

Professional services firms, which can provide a wide array of solutions to their customers, such as IT consulting, leadership development, mentoring or project management, take a customized approach to nearly every one of their clients, so it’s hard for them to slap a label on what they do. They often bristle at the idea that they have all the answers because each of their customers asks a different question.

To provide a little motivation, we tell our friends in professional services that there are 3 good reasons to start blogging:

  1. For their clients
  2. For their business
  3. For themselves

Do it for your clients — current and prospective.

  • Blogging enables you to share your insights. The thing is… you don’t just have opinions, you have insights – and people want those insights. Our professional services clients generally have decades of experience in their field. Even though they take a customized approach to each client – as they should – they can see what’s coming or trending before other people can. That's great material for blog content!

  • Blogging builds trust. When you’re a professional services firm, clients aren’t just buying the service you offer. They’re buying you. They want someone they can trust and with whom they can build a strong relationship. How can they get to know you? One way is through your blog.

Do it for your business.

  • Blogging drives traffic to your website. Small businesses, especially professional services companies, don’t have time to continually update their website. But by blogging on topics you know well (and want to be known for), you can usher visitors over to your website. The uptake might not be immediate, but with consistent blogging and focusing on key terms, you will keep your website fresh and top of mind for search engines.

  • Blogging helps you know what your customers want. By looking at which blog posts get the most views and/or comments, you can get insight into what your customers want to see more (or less) of. You can use this data to help shape your next offering or identify the next market you should target.

Do it for yourself.

  • Blogging can help you organize your thoughts. Don’t worry about whether a blog is self-serving or that you don’t have anything to say (really, if you had nothing of value to offer, you wouldn’t have clients!) Instead, look at your blog as a place to get your thoughts down clearly – a bit like a journal. Or it could be a place to test out a new idea and get perspective from other people. You can use your blog to answer the questions that clients keep asking. Or it can be a way for you to start writing that book that you’ll never have time to sit down and write – one page at a time. The point is your blog, just like your business, will evolve over time.

Blogging can be hard work and it takes time to see the results. If you are consistently pressed for time and don’t have the resources to work towards your company’s content marketing goals, perhaps an outsourced marketing department can lend you a hand. Take advantage of the many benefits to maintaining an integrated blog on your company’s website!

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