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Working for an outsourced marketing agency, we regularly speak with individuals about their businesses' unique challenges and opportunities. The information collected helps us formulate a strategic marketing plan  not only one of our favorite parts of the job, but one in which the managing partners of PMG truly excel!

But what gets us really excited is how our services can help these businesses alleviate major pain points or resolve ongoing problems. Our conversations with owners and executives tend to focus on three common issues and how outsourced marketing solutions can provide the answers:

Problem #1 - Lack of Time

If money is the root of all evil, and time is money, is time evil?? We don’t think so – but a lack of time can certainly be destructive when it comes to reaching your business goals. It’s a rare company owner or manager who has enough time to tackle every aspect of growing and running his or her business. Outsourcing your marketing takes a huge chunk of to-do items off your plate.

Problem #2 - Lack of Expertise

There is no doubt that you are an expert in your field. Nobody can produce specialized ABC widgets like you can! And there’s surely a host of hats you wear well to have gotten you where you are today. However, are you as tactical as possible with implementing current best practices into your marketing strategy? The answer for most is a loud NO. Communicating a solid understanding of your company to an outsourced group of marketing professionals can take your business to higher ground.

Problem #3 - Lack of Objectivity

One thing we find across the board is a lack of objectivity. And this makes sense; it’s practically impossible to view your business from the outside. Why? Because you are SO entrenched in it!  A fresh set of eyes with a laser focus on marketing solutions tailored to your specific business needs is extremely useful and effective. That's where an outsourced marketing department can deliver in spades, bringing a new and insightful point of view to the table.

So what do you gain from committing to outsourced marketing solutions from a marketing agency? A fresh perspective, an entire team of marketing pros with varied expertise, and the commitment that the projects and tasks WILL be efficiently completed as promised.  

Think you may be ready to outsource? Check out our downloadable white paper below and find out!

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About the Author

Alysa Wax | Director of Client Operations
Alysa Wax, Director of Client Operations

Alysa Wax, PMG Director of Client Operations, thrives on helping her clients and PMG grow. She does this by understanding and sharing the vertical function marketing has in modern businesses. During her blogging time, she can usually be found integrating business and personal experience into her writing.

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