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From marketing automation, to the rapid rise of artificial intelligence (AI), to individualized customer experiences and Chatbots, marketing technology or MarTech is having a major impact on the way marketers are doing business.

As a savvy digital or marketing professional, you know you need to stay on top of the latest marketing technologies in order to demonstrate your business is innovative and forward thinking, but it can be challenging to stay relevant in a space that is constantly (and rapidly!) evolving.

That said, allow me to help you out! Here are a few of my favorite blogs that will surely keep you up to speed on all things technical in the marketing world. Bookmark away my fellow marketers.

1. Marketing Land

Marketing Land is one of my favorite marketing resources. This blog brings together digital marketing and technology news covering MarTech, social, search, mobile, analytics, and the list goes on!

2. Moz

Rand Fishkin’s blog is a must-read (or must-view – he also serves up weekly videos). The Co-Founder of Moz and, Rand provides terrific insight into emerging technology and its impact on inbound marketing and search engine optimization.

3. Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute

The Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute’s mission is to help marketers harness the power of AI. Their blog explores trends, resources and products, as well as various companies adeptly using AI, machine learning, deep learning and cognitive computing to drive innovation and transform the marketing industry.

4. MarTech

MarTech is a community of marketing professionals who share information on marketing technology. This blog is an excellent go-to for CMOs, marketing technology and marketing operation professionals.

5. Brian Solis

A regular contributor to leading business and industry publications (including AdAge, Forbes, Wired and VentureBeat), Solis helps leading brands and startups develop new digital transformation strategies. This top ranked blog focuses on the effects of emerging technology on business and society. Good stuff!

6. HubSpot

With over 400,000 subscribers and over 2 million monthly visits, the HubSpot blog is the foundational resource for all marketing, sales, and agency professionals. A topnotch innovator themselves, HubSpot has been placing a lot more emphasis on AI, not only within their own platform but also with respect to getting marketers informed and comfortable with it.

7. Content Marketing Institute

With the goal of helping marketers develop their content marketing skills and strategies, this blog features a fantastic section on technology!

Any other blogs you think should be mentioned in this lineup of MarTech and AI resources? Leave a comment below!

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Tracey MacDonald | Senior Account Manager
Tracey MacDonald, Senior Account Manager

Tracey MacDonald has been Senior Account Manager at PMG since July of 2015. She’s a strategy, sales, technology and SaaS ninja, and loves to write about sales and marketing integration (as ninjas do). While she’s fighting off the evil forces of low SEO rankings and poor marketing strategy, she somehow finds the time to write blogs – and loves hearing from readers. So, if you want to know more, let her know!

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