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In case you missed this breaking news last month, the once-extremely popular online platform "Hot or Not" is BACK.

Its creators are releasing it as an app that “[e]ncourages people to vote on the most attractive (and least attractive) users, then gives users a popularity score and compiles a ‘Hot List’ to show in real-time where the most babelicious people are [in] each neighborhood.”

Two important points I want to make:

  1. It's not every day you see the word "babelicious" in one of our blog posts, people. 
  2. You can apply "hot or not" to so much more than physical beauty. Allow me to explain…

Let's take marketing professional services, for example. Now, let's up the ante: should you market your professional services during holidays, like the Fourth of July (which is when this post went live) or Christmas or Cow Appreciation Day (yup, a real thing) or some other holiday?

Let's take three common perceptions around this topic, use Hot or Not as our gauge, and find out what the verdict is!

1. People's attention spans are all over the place during holidays and holiday seasons. So would marketing professional services to these people be hot or not?

We say HOT.

Haha, bet we fooled you with this one, since B2B companies often claim that it's BECAUSE people are so busy with holidays (especially those weeks between Turkey Day and January 1) that they should market less.

But we're calling it HOT precisely for this reason. People respond and react to advertising messages differently during the holidays, for sure. Yep, some tune out (due to message overload or lack of time), but some are more aware, since they're on the prowl for savings, deals, etc. This is especially true during the Christmas season.

During non-Christmas holidays—especially those that fall during lazier times, like Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day—people's attention spans continue to vary, but in a different way. You might actually reach people who are otherwise impossible to reach the rest of the year, thanks to more relaxed schedules and minds (think endless hours on the beach) and regular access to smartphones and tablets.

2. Some competitors don't market their services during holidays, and others go overboard with their marketing. So would marketing your professional services during holidays be hot or not?

We say HOT.

It's probably easy to understand why the first part of the phrase above equates with HOTNESS. If your competitors aren't marketing their services during a particular time, then that means more opportunity for you.

But what about the ones who go overboard? For example, pretend you sell business-mentoring products. And let's say one of your competitors always sends endless, annoying advertising to prospective companies during January since it's National Mentoring Month. Shouldn't you avoid adding to the slush pile?

Don't let your competitors ruin a good opportunity. As a mentoring firm, you'd be silly NOT to talk up mentoring during National Mentoring Month, simply because your competitors are stinking up people's inboxes.

YOUR job is to market differently. Instead of plastering the ether with endless advertising, hoping somehow, some way that something will stick, you should instead focus on constructive strategies, like segmenting your audience and developing content people actually want.

3. Creating marketing content takes a lot of effort, especially when designed around a specific theme, like a holiday. All this effort for one holiday or season…is it hot or not?

We say HOT.

Who says you can't use this content again or that you can't build it to last? Take this blog post, for example. We're talking about holidays. We published it on the Fourth of July, for crying out loud. But that doesn't mean people can only read it if the calendar says 7/4. The same rings true for this Valentine's Day post doling out B2B marketing lessons.

While we've clearly used holiday tie-ins, we've also made the content "evergreen" enough to be read any time of the year. And we've filled it with appropriate keyword phrases so that people can FIND it any time of the year, as well.

You should do the same thing. Yes, develop your content with an eye towards the holiday, but keep it evergreen enough that it can be helpful during the off-season. Even those one-off marketing items, such as print ads or newsletters with a coupon for your service—you can still use that content as a foundational base year after year if you run similar promotions, right?

Now it's your turn. What do you think about marketing professional services during holidays…hot or not? Share in the comments!

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