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What do you think is wrong with this scenario?

The secretary of defense is preparing for a battle against a formidable enemy. He has the army (ground troops), the navy, the air force and the marines all at his disposal.

So, he tells each of them individually, “You make a plan of attack that you think is best for your military branch. Each of the different services will do the same. Hopefully, each of you can make progress and one of you can defeat the enemy. Good luck!”

Sounds crazy, right?

Are you making this mistake?

Why would you have each branch of the military fight on its own? Instead, wouldn’t you want them to work together, to coordinate efforts, and to share information they gather in their own spheres?

Sadly, what seems shortsighted in a military context is very common in another context that hugely impacts your business.

Your marketing.

It is not uncommon for a small to medium sized business to pursue one or more of these tactics in isolation from the other.

  • Blogging
  • Online advertising (Google, LinkedIn, Facebook).
  • Social media
  • Media advertising (radio, TV, mailing)

Why not have these work together in a coordinated way, sharing what they are learning with the other areas? This prevalent problem is often known as silo marketing.

As the person at Precision Marketing Group who oversees the online paid advertising (also called pay-per-click or PPC for short) for our clients, it's not uncommon to have clients come to us with their PPC in a silo, disconnected from their other marketing efforts.

This often happens if you've outsourced your PPC, and that agency is only focused on managing your campaigns and doesn't incorporate any further input from your company.

How your marketing efforts can work together...

There is much intelligence gathered from your PPC efforts that can escape the silo and influence other areas of your marketing.

  • The best keywords to go after
  • Your most potent value propositions
  • Your most persuasive messaging
  • Knowing exactly how and where to scratch the itch of the prospect

You can read about all the insights and intelligence from your PPC marketing that should inform other marketing efforts in this article.

But, there is also information from other areas of marketing that can be used in your PPC.

Example 1 – Targeting an Industry

Let’s say your company is about to purchase advertising in a trade publication to promote a special event or increase awareness for your brand.

Why not coordinate that with your pay-per-click efforts by using LinkedIn Sponsored updates or the Google Display Network to target companies and industries you are going after in the trade publication?

Research shows that it takes several touches for a message to be fully received.

By working in a coordinated way, with prospects encountering a unified messaging theme in different places, you are using a 1-2 punch that drives the message home with greater effectiveness.

Example 2 – Time Sensitive Promotion

Your company has a special time sensitive offer or incentive and has purchased radio time and/or completed a special direct mail piece or email campaign to promote it.

Idea! You can update your PPC ads to reflect this special incentive and sweeten your offering. You can rake in additional clients and customers for the time period during which the offer is active because of this sweetener.

Idea! You can also use your retargeting lists to bring back past visitors who’ve been to your website but haven’t moved forward. They may have been on the fence before and just need an extra nudge or reason to come back and convert.

Endless possibilities!

I have given you just two examples among countless possibilities. Get creative!

If you want additional ideas on coordinating your PPC with other areas of your marketing, read more here.

Constantly ask yourself—

“How can we leverage ALL areas of our marketing by working together?”

“What have we learned about our customer or our offers in one marketing channel that we can be used in other areas of our marketing?”

By doing this, you will turbocharge your marketing, and thereby your lead generation results and closed sales.


About the Author

Patrick McDaniel | Paid Search & Social Strategist
Patrick McDaniel, Paid Search & Social Strategist

Patrick McDaniel is PMG’s Paid Search and Social Strategist. He likes figuring out how people work – in between facts and figures on organic search rankings, lead gen and engagement techniques, you’ll find hints of psychology and buying behavior in his writing. He loves helping readers understand how to reach and connect with their best prospects!

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