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Strategic Marketing Campaigns with PersonalizationWhat do your contact database and holiday list have in common? You can’t get away with giving the same thing to everyone; at least not if you want to achieve the desired results. It’s necessary to put some thought into what you give to both family and prospects.

This year, I gave my dad a BIG book on genealogy and my mother-in-law a SMALL sweater (cashmere, duh! I’m no fool.) They were both very happy with their gifts because I chose something specifically for them, based on what I know about them. What’s the lesson here? My dad does not wear a ladies’ size small? That and they most definitely did not want the same thing.

I get it – there are days we are so rushed that we simply CANNOT. But, don’t let your marketing suffer.  As in our personal lives, building relationships is a fundamental piece of marketing – one that can be often overlooked when you’re under pressure to meet your sales quota. But, don’t get complacent and blast your entire database with the same message – that’s a surefire way to turn off subscribers. Strategic marketing is all about making sure your message resonates with the intended audience. Personalize your message and your gift, and the sentiment will be returned.

It doesn’t have to be such daunting task. Start with what you already know.

Your current database is filled with a lot of information – probably a lot more than you think. Known properties such as “First Name” and “Last Name” can be used very easily in email subject lines and salutations. That simple step alone can increase your open rate by 26%.

Further segmenting your database by contact property allows you to tailor your emails to truly customize your campaign. Begin with the obvious qualities that make up your ideal buyer. (Hint: if you don’t know what buyer personas are, it’s time to learn.) Create lists based on criteria such as job role, industry, company size or number of employees. Increasing relevancy in your message will ultimately increase engagement engagement. People with decision-making potential are more likely to reach out if you’re speaking directly to their pain point.

Email has traditionally been the easiest way to market to your database. But, strategic marketing doesn’t have to stop with targeted email campaigns. Depending on your CMS / website platform, you may be able to personalize website content, so returning leads will automatically be served content based on their Lifecycle Stage. Basing this “smart content” on previously downloaded material or specific URLs they have visited in the past virtually guarantees higher engagement, pushing prospects further through the funnel. Assign your visitors a lead score. If someone has been to your site repeatedly and is readily gobbling up your content, it may be time to reach out to them directly.

You don’t know what you’re missing. Or you do.

It’s possible, as you begin to segment your database, that you find your contact profiles aren’t as robust as you wish. As marketers, we straddle the line between wanting to make it as easy as possible for visitors to download our content, and getting enough of their information to make it easier for us to market to them.

  • Use your forms wisely. Decide what information is the most important to you. Are you really going to call someone who downloads a white paper? Probably not – so get rid of the phone number field on that particular form. Every field you require is a barrier to getting someone to convert. However, every form field is also a potential gold mine. A good rule of thumb is to make sure the value of the offer matches the value of the information you require visitors to provide.

    When creating forms, use drop-downs or radio selects to not only make it easy for the user to select their option, but to make it easier for you to segment on the back end. No one wants to spend their day sorting open form field responses on a spreadsheet.

  • Think smart! Enabling smart fields will automatically hide the known fields to leave room for another. This gives you the ability to queue up additional questions, which will eventually help you to flesh out which buyer persona criteria the lead meets.
The new year is the perfect time to do a database audit. Dig in and take inventory of what you have and what you wish you had. Create lists, clean up forms and form fields and see if you already have what it takes to execute several targeted strategic marketing campaigns.

Need help building campaigns for your business? Leave a comment below or reach out to our team. We’re happy to lend a helping hand.

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Kerrie Clark O'Mara, Account Manager

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