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Infusing Fun into Your Internet Marketing StrategyMarketing has come a long way from its role in managing letterhead, brochures and newspaper ads. It’s an exciting time to be a marketer because of the great variety of ways to reach buyers, and the many tools available to help achieve your goals. In the Internet age, marketing has center stage in the quest to drive measurable, quality leads.

At PMG, we care deeply about our customer’s success, and data-driven marketing is something we practice every day. However, we're also committed to our core values of integrity, excellence, flexibility and fun.

And when it comes to the fun component, we describe it in relation to our job responsibilities as maintaining a positive, enthusiastic attitude; enjoying the job and the business of marketing. We believe it’s also important to have fun together, and to have fun with our clients. Work is stressful enough! If you can enjoy collaborating with your coworkers and customers, you already feel ahead of the game, right? 

Of course, we also believe that infusing a little fun directly into your internet marketing strategy has its upside. Today, we are going to talk specifically about adding a little personality into the way you present your business.

So first things first, why should you be including fun into your online marketing presence? Just to name a few reasons...

1. Fun is selfless. 

Almost all marketing has the ulterior motive to convert. Everyone knows this. To create something just for fun is a way to be completely selfless, and your followers will recognize this. Delight your followers, just because you can!

2. Fun is memorable. 

Of course, fun campaigns can stand out in a crowded sea of emails and other content, and why would you not want your target prospects to remember your company's message? Make them laugh, and they are likely to tell a friend, or to share on social media. Red Nose Day checks this box. 

3. Fun builds connections.

When people are entertained, they can build a connection to your brand they didn’t have previously. Your company will remind them of a pleasant moment, and they will feel good! Do you want people to feel good about your company? Hell yeah!

4. Fun shows personality. 

B2B businesses often find it relatively difficult to showcase their company culture and employees' great personalities. Or they simply do not prioritize it. But your prospects want to do business with people, not corporations. Show off some personality, and they may be more likely to take your call! 

5. Fun cultivates evangelists. 

In addition to strictly educational content, it's a good idea to create industry content that's more light-hearted in nature. Social sharing is an important contributor to your SEO efforts, and if you're publishing pieces or videos that make me people laugh, you're much more likely to accrue some shares, likes, etc. – let alone some new followers! Those you entertain will want to share in the fun, and potentially evangelize your business, particularly if they're customers or partners engaged in a relationship with you already.

But fully understanding WHY fun is important to your B2B business's branding is just the beginning. Here are a few ideas to build fun into your strategy:

  • Invest in a photo shoot. Consider photography options beyond the stodgy corporate photos. Hire a photographer that specializes in bringing fun to the table. These doesn’t necessarily have to replace the serious pictures on your website, although they can. You can create a new page, Team Fun or something similar. You can also continue to utilize the traditional serious pictures, but also hyperlink or pop up the fun pictures on your website. You can utilize them for social media posts. The list goes on… This company went all out on their staff photos
  • Invest in a video. A fun staff video is a great way to highlight your shining personalities. One of our clients created this holiday video in 2015 to highlight its diversity. Something as small as an out-of-office message can be turned into a reason to entertain (like this other PMG client did).
  • Create a comic. This can be fairly complicated, but you may have someone on staff that would love to take on the project. Or a summer intern that knows the ropes! There are also apps and software to help the process along! Check out one of PMG’s past comics to get the gist.
  • Create a contest. For instance, you can launch a "fun caption" contest, even using your photo shoot pics! Or ask users for funny stories related to your industry, city, etc, and offer a prize for the most entertaining one! The sky is the limit here, so try to think outside the box.
  • Engage your team. Encourage your staff to capture and share stories that entertain them in the workplace. And then don’t be afraid to share. Every day things can be funny with the right context or framing. These stories can be used as fodder for blog posts, social media, and newsletters. 
  • Friday Funny social posts. Entertain regularly by adding a Friday Funny to your social media strategy. PMG engages in this occasionally. Check out one of my recent favorites below:


  • Incorporate humor into blogs. Your blog should primarily be providing answers to common prospect or customer questions, insights into hot-button industry issues, and education on topics related to your business. But that doesn't mean you can't publish content simply for the sake of telling a fun story or making your target audience laugh. For instance, we published this GIF-themed blog post leading up to the annual INBOUND marketing and sales conference our team attends every year.

We hope this gave you inspiration to find the fun in your own marketing! Feel free to comment if you want to bounce some ideas off of our team, or share your own fun marketing stories. We’d love to hear them!

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Alysa Wax | Director of Client Operations
Alysa Wax, Director of Client Operations

Alysa Wax, PMG Director of Client Operations, thrives on helping her clients and PMG grow. She does this by understanding and sharing the vertical function marketing has in modern businesses. During her blogging time, she can usually be found integrating business and personal experience into her writing.

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