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New to HubSpot? First of all – congratulations on signing on to such a powerful inbound marketing and sales tool! We're big fans of this platform because it truly does enhance your ability to attract visitors, convert leads and close customers.

But as with any software tool, HubSpot will be most effective for you if you’re using it to its full potential. Along with completing the basics of HubSpot setup, which you can find here, read on for 5 steps you should take to truly take advantage of what HubSpot has to offer.

1. Import your contacts.

If you have a database of subscribers, leads and customers, be sure to upload them into HubSpot. By doing this, you’ll be able to:

  • Clean up your list. HubSpot will automatically de-dupe your list so you have a clean set of contacts.
  • Segment your contacts and nurture them with targeted content. Once you've added contacts to your database, you can send more relevant emails based on the information you've collected. There are numerous ways to break your database into more homogeneous groups. Just for starters, you can create lists based on contact properties (industry, job role, company size, etc.) or behaviors (a particular form submission, page visit, etc.). With a more segmented database, you'll be much better equipped to engage (or re-engage!) your contacts with high-value contentand ultimately, your product or serviceand start them on the path to becoming customers.
  • Get lead intelligence. Once your contacts are integrated with HubSpot, you can receive alerts when they click on an email or CTA, visit your site or submit a form, so sales will know when it might be a good time to make a call. All of this information is stored and readily accessible in a contact's record.

The lead intelligence that is delivered through HubSpot is vital for keeping tabs on your contacts and knowing in which content they're interested, allowing you to continue to deliver material that matters to them most.

2. Implement HubSpot forms.

If any of your website pages are not hosted on HubSpot, be sure to replace all forms on your site with HubSpot forms. This will allow you to track where your leads came from, what pages they viewed and when they revisit your site. You’ll be able to create segmented lists and execute workflows based on this data.

In addition, using HubSpot forms will allow you to leverage progressive profiling by way of "smart" fields, increasing the amount of information you can gather from your visit-to-lead conversions. Smart forms use cookies to identify returning visitors so that they do not present any fields that have already been filled out; instead, it gives you an opportunity to queue up questions that may be more appropriate for a lead that's further along in the sales cycle.

To complete this task, HubSpot provides embed code to enable you to place the forms on your external pages. Simple as that!

3. Integrate your CRM with HubSpot.

Now that you have your contacts in HubSpot and you're collecting such valuable data, it makes sense to integrate this data with your CRM. HubSpot integrates seamlessly with many of the most popular CRM software. By doing this, you allow data that you choose to be passed between HubSpot and your CRM, allowing both your sales and marketing teams to view the same up-to-date information.

Marketing will have greater visibility into those contacts that become customers, allowing them to analyze which marketing campaigns resonated with them. Moreover, this will enable them to revisit and refine campaigns if needed to keep those leads flowing in. On the flip side, Sales will be better able to see those new leads that have come in through marketing campaigns, without having to log into HubSpot.

4. Develop personas.

Buyer personas are fictional people that represent the characteristics, needs and goals of your ideal buyer. Adding fields to forms that will allow you to segment your database into personas will allow you to target offers to them that they will find more valuable. Not every prospect has the same pain points. The fields could be job title, industry, or even questions like: In which services are you interested? 

It's just important that you make these fields drop-down fields with options already created. That way you can use the information to segment contacts (with open text fields, you can't automate the categorization of your leads so easily). 

Again, by directly addressing the needs of your personas, you can more effectively move them down the funnel. The sooner you create these buyer personas and incorporate persona identification fields into your HubSpot forms, the better; it’s much harder to segment all those leads without this data.

5. Create workflows based on lifecycle stage.

HubSpot’s lifecycle stage has built-in options according to where your contacts are in the sales process. These are:

  • Subscriber
  • Lead
  • MQL (marketing qualified lead)
  • SQL (sales qualified lead)
  • Opportunity
  • Customer

In order to keep your marketing and sales teams aware of where contacts are in the funnel, you can create workflows to change lifecycle stages based on actions they take on your website. If they fill out a form for an offer, for example, a workflow could change their lifecycle stage from lead to MQL and then send a notification if they return to your website. If they fill out the Contact Us form, the lifecycle could be automatically set to change to SQL and a notification would be immediately sent to Sales so they can time a response appropriately.

These are just a few ways to maximize your investment with HubSpot and take your inbound marketing to the next level. The time you take to dive in and learn about all of its capabilities will be well worth it when you see how easy it is to monitor your new leads and keep marketing and sales in perfect alignment!

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Lori Dickey, Marketing Specialist

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