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This past weekend featured one of those glorious spring days that we have far too few of in New England. Relaxing on my deck  not even thinking about outsourced marketing  but taking in the warm sun, I witnessed a unique sight.

A mother duck, all-business-and-in-charge, waddled through our gate leading her group of ten ducklings. Determined to reach the woods on the opposite side of the yard  and undeterred by the fence blocking her way  she paced the length of the fence several times, evaluated her options, and finally squeezed her charges through an opening just THISWIDE to reach her destination on the other side.   

Watching this duck procession, I couldn’t help but think of Mama Duck’s willpower to overcome a physical boundary (the fence) to reach her goal (the woods on the other side), and how it related to finding an outsourced marketing firm. You have a mission and you need a talented, tenacious group focused on helping you reach your goals (but without overlooking the details!).

Who knew that ducks and outsourced marketing firms had so many similarities? There's more:

1. Birds of a feather

Ducks are one of only a few creatures that “imprint,” or  immediately adopt the characteristics of whatever living creature they first see upon hatching. They truly believe they are that species; they don’t think, they know.

A talented outsourced marketing firm will do the same; they will “imprint” your business; everyone from the project manager to the copywriters and designers will know your goals and help you build an online presence to attract the right prospects. As the saying goes, “Birds of a feather...”

2. Distinctive from the beginning

Male ducks are elaborately colored, females more plain – yet they both molt and transform, and they're always distinctive.    

For companies who struggle to differentiate, or who sell in an industry that is difficult to understand, developing the right B2B marketing strategy and execution is pivotal. Whether it's building thought leadership through a white paper, or boosting visibility through social media, an effective outsourced marketing firm will have the tools to make your company stand out in your industry.

3. Coming in for a landing

Ducks escape the cold winters by flying south each season – they fly in flocks and rely on geographic landmarks to navigate their long journey.

Similarly, outsourced marketers don’t fly solo. They collaborate with you to customize a strategy. And they “navigate” by constantly reviewing and measuring data to recommend any change of course that might be needed along the way. Analytics are to marketers what landmarks are to ducks; they guide the journey.

Could an outsourced marketing firm be the right solution to get your own ducks in a row? Connect with the experts to explore a new approach... The results could be, well, just ducky!

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Denise Locke | Content Marketer
Denise Locke, Content Marketer

Denise Locke has been a Content Marketer and Marketing Technical Writer at PMG since 2008. She’s a content transformation master, specializing in turning dry information into exciting, interesting copy that engages engineers and stray readers alike. Industrial manufacturing copywriter by day, analytics tracker by night, Denise breathes all things technical – and loves making content that will be relevant in the industry for years to come.

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