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It's no secret that Facebook is a marketing powerhouse showing no signs of slowing down. But when you really look at the stats, the numbers are truly staggering. Facebook boasts over 1,871,000,000 active users (and counting). Compared to Instagram’s 600 million, Twitter’s 317 million and LinkedIn’s 106 million, you simply can't ignore these stats when it comes to your business marketing strategy.

User data aside, Facebook continues to up its game with new features and options to help businesses market themselves. However, many companies are barely scratching the surface of what they can do with this social media platform. We want to help change that!

This post is designed to ensure your Facebook page is optimized for both user experience and exposure. All the tools and tips are free to use (and a previous article on our blog explores paid B2B advertising on Facebook).

Let’s start upping your game with these Facebook marketing tips:

1. Customize Your Settings

Update Your Facebook Template to best suit your business description. Choices include Business, Services, Shopping, Venues, Politicians, Restaurants and Cafés, and the Standard template. For PMG's page, we chose to use the one for professional services.
  • Instructions: Settings, Edit Page, Edit Template. Make your choice and save.
Verify your page in order to show up higher in search results.
  • Instructions: Settings, Edit, Page Verification. Then follow the prompt.

Make use of Similar Page Recommendations – this feature allows FB to suggest your page to people organically. This is also reached in settings.

  • Instructions: Settings, General, Similar Page Recommendations.
Take advantage of Response Assistant – enable this feature and you'll be able to automatically respond to people with a customized message.
  • Instructions: Settings, Messaging.
Customize your tabs – these are what people see on the left side bar of your page. Make sure to prioritize the most important tabs and complete all of the information.
  • Instructions: Settings, Edit Page, scroll down to Tabs. Turn off Default Tabs and drag and drop the tabs of your choice. Updating the content of the tabs is done on the main screen of your page. For example, you could click on the Services tab and add the various services that your company offers.

2. Experiment with Different Post Styles

Treat posts like the marketing tools they are meant to be! You’ve probably seen this prompt as you are creating a post on your page. These are a mix of paid and free choices. We especially like Create an Event & Create an Offer, as these free, Call-to-Action style posts are designed to drive activity. Simply select the option that aligns with the goal of your post, and follow the prompts. It’s super user-friendly!

Facebook Marketing Tips: Post Types

3. Increase Targeted Followers

Of course you want to increase the number of followers who are likely to enjoy your content and find it valuable. Here are a couple ways to do this:

  • Invite those who like your posts to like your page. Facebook has streamlined this task, so as you're perusing your page, you can click on the likes of a particular post and quickly invite those contacts to follow your business. A window will pop up when you click, displaying the contacts, and their status as a follower or not on your page. From there, you can invite those that are not actual followers.

Facebook Marketing Tips: Invite Followers

  • “Share Page with Friends.” This option isn't very new, but it's worth mentioning. You'll see a box that links to your personal connections and allows you to invite your friends to like your page. They will receive a notification within Facebook. Note that this option is only relevant if you believe your friends would benefit from following your business page (and would recognize that it is your company's page).

4. Analyze the Data

In order to maximize your engagement and visibility on Facebook, you need to know what’s working, right? With Facebook Insights, you have a lot of helpful data right at your fingertips! Insights tells you when your fans are online, as well as what types of posts are getting the best exposure and engagement. Use this information when choosing post times and post types. If you want to dive deeper, read this article by Social Media Examiner about Advanced Facebook Page Insights.

You can see from the Insights model below, this page has peak visitors all day, 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM, and very similar weekend/weekday exposure. This dispels the well-established myth that it's much better to post content during business hours. It always depends on your audience – and if you really think about it, how often are your audience members going to be on Facebook while at work, as opposed to after hours or on the weekends?

Facebook Insights ExampleHave any questions about your business page? Feel free to ask in the comments or message us. We’d love to help!

For more tips to improve your Facebook marketing strategy, you can also check out our complimentary eBook How to Create Facebook Content that Keeps Fans Loyal, Talking and Ready to Buy.

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