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Outsourced Marketing Customer Story: PARMIWe love to share the stories of our clients and the work we are doing together, as we believe they show the power of outsrouced marketing at its best. Here is just one example from our wonderful base of client companies:

PARMI is a manufacturer of 3-D solder paste inspection machines for the printed circuit board industry.

The company’s U.S. based-general manager, Jeff Mogensen, reached out to PMG to create an outsourced marketing partnership. Jeff is charged with leading PARMI’s sales and marketing efforts and wanted to expand his bandwidth by working with a strategic marketing team that could create and lead an integrated team of in-house and external resources.

Jeff had existing relationships with a public relations firm, a freelance graphic designer, and an industry copywriter who had been doing some individual project work for him. What was lacking, however, was a unified team all working together to lead PARMI’s marketing efforts.

PMG began working with PARMI in February 2014. Here are some of the things we have tackled this year:

Laying the Foundation

We believe strongly in taking the time to build a strong foundation for your inbound marketing efforts, and PARMI was on board with that approach. Our work together began with learning as much as we could about the business and the industry and getting the marketing infrastructure in place to get the marketing machine humming.

  • Client Interviews & Messaging
    We interviewed several of the clients and independent sales reps who work with PARMI to get their unique perspectives on the value PARMI delivers. We also traveled to Las Vegas – tough gig, but someone’s gotta do it! – to attend the IPC APEX Expo, the industry’s premiere conference, and meet with PARMI’s South Korean team and interview several prospects and clients. These conversations gave us the background we needed to create a strong positioning statement and core messages for PARMI. In addition, our team gleaned some key insights into how PARMI could market and serve their target buyers successfully.
  • Marketing Plan & Calendar
    After our discovery interviews with the PARMI team and client conversations, we built a complete marketing plan outlining core strategies, the tactics we’d use to execute them, and a calendar of activities for each month.
  • Website Move to WordPress
    The company’s multilingual website was PHP/html-based and used an outdated bulletin board functionality to post new content. The only way for us to get a change made was to have Jeff reach out to his team in South Korea with a change order, a process that we knew would hinder our marketing efforts. PMG recommended and executed a move to WordPress, which has helped tremendously in moving PARMI’s marketing forward. 

    We have also spent considerable time on design and writing for the new site to make sure PARMI’s online hub is as current, functional and compelling as it can be. Like many companies, PARMI does not lack information about its offerings. We simply help them to organize and promote it in a way that will resonate with its target buyers.
  • Become a HubSpot Customer
    We recommended HubSpot to PARMI as their inbound marketing platform where the blog, email and landing pages would be hosted. As a longtime HubSpot partner, we know the value of having the ease of use and intelligence that HubSpot provides as part of the PARMI marketing mix.

Let Inbound – and the Results! – Begin

  • Keyword Research and Optimization – PARMI had done very little search engine optimization before our engagement, so a key piece of our work was to do the keyword research, identify priority keywords and optimize existing and new site pages.

    Results: Site traffic has doubled since May, to over 2,000 visitors per month, with close to 800 of those coming from organic search.
  • Offers and Calls-to-Action (CTAs) – Getting traffic to PARMI’s new site is one piece of the puzzle. But we want to convert them when they get there as well, so we’ve devoted resources to creating engaging content, e.g. a white paper on Measuring Tiny Solder Paste Deposits with Accuracy & Repeatability, and designing CTA buttons to promote the content effectively.

    Results: First offer PARMI launched has a 21% conversion rate and after just a couple months being live, CTA buttons are showing up to a 2.45% click through rate. After just a few months, visit-to-lead conversion rates surpassed 1% and the goal is to keep them growing.
  • Blogging – To build on optimization efforts and to position PARMI as a key industry expert, we created a blog called PARMI Café and built an editorial calendar so articles are published strategically and consistently.

    Results: Early blog posts are receiving 200+ page views in a very niche industry, so definitely off to a strong start!
  • Social Media – Creating a social media plan and publishing consistently on Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Google+

    Results: These channels, still in the early stages, are driving new site traffic and engagement with target buyers and industry influencers.
  • Newsletter – To stay in front of prospects, clients, colleagues and partners, PARMI now publishes the PARMI Insider newsletter packed with valuable resources, as well as company news and promotions.

    Results: Open rates and click through rates have been very high for the first couple of issues, at 25-27% and 3-8%, respectively.

Why the Relationship Works

PMG’s relationship with Jeff and the PARMI team is based on honesty, trust and cooperation.

Outsourced marketing works best when a firm is ready to let go and trust an expert team to lead the marketing but is also willing to be engaged in the process as a subject matter expert. Jeff is great at this, providing us the industry background and expertise we need to do a good job and the candid feedback and timely response we need to do the best marketing for PARMI.

As our one point of contact, Jeff helps us avoid the common “too many cooks” dilemma that can occur in some engagements. We can trust him to make a decision that we can run with to move the marketing forward.

Jeff writes, “Frankly speaking, we needed a lot – from the 100,000-foot strategic view to the ground floor tactical creation. We needed a knowledgeable firm capable of making all of this modern day stuff work together. Looking back at where we were six months ago, it’s remarkable how far the team has brought us. None of these marketing elements listed above existed for PARMI six months ago; today it’s reality thanks to PMG.”

2015 and Beyond

Now that PARMI has a strong foundation and great results to build on, 2015 will be spent fine tuning the engine, creating strategic campaigns to nurture leads, exploring some paid search opportunities, and continuing to position PARMI as a top player in the printed circuit board manufacturing space.

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Maureen Condon, PMG Principal

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