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Customer Story: Mansfield Sales Partners - Website RedesignHow often should a B2B company be redesigning its website? Unfortunately, there is no one correct answer to that question. Most design companies will tell you to consider a website redesign every two or three years, and that you should be assessing the overall productivity, efficacy and user experience of your site on an annual basis at the very least. But what a decision to redesign really boils down to is whether or not your site is helping you accomplish your business goals and objectives. Are you really putting your website to work?

Although it’s no secret a website’s look and feel is important (94% of users cite design as a reason they do not trust certain websites), a digital makeover isn’t just about creating a new aesthetic for your online presence. It’s about finding the best ways to fuel your inbound marketing program – and designing and implementing elements that will help you leverage the site in every capacity possible.

Our client Mansfield Sales Partners, a full-service sales consulting company offering integrated outsourced sales solutions to technology firms, was due for a website redesign. Their old site felt too busy, lacking copy that resonated with their updated target buyer personas, as well as clear navigational pathways that would assist visitors with quickly finding the information they needed. And, more importantly, the website was no longer reflective of who they had grown to be as an organization. Working in the tech field, the old look and infrastructure just wasn’t going to cut it anymore. So our PMG copywriters and designer teamed up with Mansfield to make the necessary changes and bring their website back to life.

You can check out the new website here!

Achieving the Redesign Objectives:

After sitting down with CEO Greg Dunne and Executive Vice President Jennifer Hunt, we compiled a list of the major objectives we were setting out to achieve with the website redesign. Below is a brief outline of PMG’s mission and the approach we took in order to accomplish it:

Mansfield Sales Partners Website Redesign: Who We Work WithSegmenting the target audience: Mansfield Sales Partners generally works with three types of technology firms. Therefore, Mansfield wanted to better differentiate the services they provide for each of these ideal customer groups.

To outwardly define their target buyer personas, we created a new “Who We Work With” page with fresh copy that directly addresses how Mansfield’s integrated sales solutions meet the needs of each segment. We added this page to the new main navigation, and included in the drop-down menu subpages that would fully describe the persona-specific benefits from partnering up with an outsourced firm. Most importantly, however, we made it very clear on the home page what types of services Mansfield sells by separating offerings into three categories with which visitors could easily identify.

Modernizing the site aesthetic: In order to stand out from fellow industry websites, our client needed to transition their own site to a cleaner and up-to-date design that would entice visitors to click through to various areas of the site, rather than distract them from finding the insights they were looking for. 

In addition to updating the logo styling, images, colors and fonts, we used bold, captivating images to draw in the audience, simplified the navigation, and integrated full-width headers to create a more modern visual appeal. We also developed a standardized design for Call-to-Action buttons to maintain a consistent branded appearance, utilizing a defined set of colors and a specific style of illustrations. The social media buttons were redesigned as well, and we re-arranged site page formats to make them more approachable and attractive. 

PMG Senior Graphic Designer Annette Sparks elaborates: “We decided on a palette of bright, saturated colors that really pop on the page. In contrast, we kept the content areas clean and uncluttered with ample white space. Of course, nice attention-grabbing images are going to engage a visitor, but it’s important to lead that visitor’s eye to the points of conversion on the page. Lead nurturing and design should always be working well together in order to help move prospects down the marketing funnel.”

Mansfield Sales Partners Website Redesign: ResourcesMaking resources more accessible to visitors: We really can’t emphasize this element enough. In fact, this might as well be the inbound marketer’s Golden Rule for website redesign – Make the right information as easy as possible for prospects to find. Otherwise, your conversions won’t ever see liftoff. Mansfield Sales Partners was absolutely in favor of completing this objective, as their old design had a few too many conflicting elements too close together. When you include all kinds of click-worthy options on the same page, visitors are much more likely to become overwhelmed and bounce.

First off, we dismantled and reassembled the navigation, leaving any remains of a sidebar menu to the wolves. We also consistently placed the CTAs in the right-hand column of each site page so that visitors would know where to gain quick access to resources. Moreover, we used taglines and straight-forward copy to grab the attention of viewers who might be looking for a particular service. And finally, we built Mansfield a sleek and simple “Resources” page to showcase their handy downloadable content.

Increasing engagement: Boosting traffic and conversions is the name of the game! Mansfield Sales Partners was looking to increase the number of conversion points on the site in order to facilitate more audience interactions, better click-through percentages, more time spent on the site, etc. Again, when redesigning an effective website, lead generation techniques must always be taken into account during the planning phase.

Three new Call-to-Action buttons were added to nearly every page, and the new Resources section provided an organized avenue for downloading material from the site. Of course, visitor engagement doesn’t end with CTAs. As always, we did our keyword research homework and optimized each new site page for organic search with priority keywords target prospects would likely type into search engines while on the hunt for industry insights. With a solid keyword strategy in place, the Mansfield website will not only rank higher in the SERPs but will also appeal to target buyers reading through the content.

And let’s face it – headlines and text matter. A lot. Mansfield provided us the subject matter expertise we needed to craft the perfect revisions to the old copy, deploying messaging and language that would engage prospects and educate them about the business and service offerings. Not to mention, the aforementioned keyword phrases were seamlessly woven into the new site text, as well. Can’t miss a beat!

Showcasing their company culture: Like every company, Mansfield Sales Partners has evolved over time, and it was important the website redesign reflected who they are today (and not who they were five years ago). Last but not least, this outsourced sales firm wished to highlight the core competencies they bring to their day-to-day work, as well as the values they strive to uphold when delivering services to their own clients.

To achieve this, we spent some time redesigning the “Team” page and the “Our Approach” page, created a Case Studies CTA for the Resources page, and carefully selected the best places on the site to include CEO Greg Dunne’s explainer video. What’s more, we included a few glimpses of “New England-esque” imagery to give our Woburn, Massachusetts-based friends some hometown flavor. Check out the Before & After images at the end of this post to see the difference!

Before & After:

Jennifer Hunt, Executive Vice President & COO at Mansfield, worked with our design team to outline the objectives for the redesign project and shared this comment with PMG: “We needed to go beyond simply updating our website’s look and feel. This new design was crafted to better support our marketing initiatives. Our goals were to better differentiate our services, increase engagement with our target audience and make our resources more accessible to them, and refresh the copy so it would better reflect who we are as a company today.” Hunt continued, We were very impressed with PMG’s design work – and pulling together all the moving pieces really felt like a true collaboration. We’re happy because the site feels like us. Since the new site’s launch, our traffic is climbing again and we’re seeing an increase in the types of leads we’re looking for.”

Quantitative Results:

  • Since the new site launch in December, traffic has increased from January 2015 to July 2015 by 50%.
  • Comparing the last 7 (post-launch) months to the most recent 7 (pre-launch) months before the new site was implemented:
    • Page views for the top 10 entry pages are up by 33%
    • There are 66% more unique page views for these site pages.
    • Average page load time is down 29%.
    • There has been an 18% increase in time spent on pages.
  • This upward trend has also continued to progress in a comparison of Q2 2015 to Q1 2015. There are 49% more page views, 52% more unique page views, and a noted increase in the time spent on the page!


Home Page
Mansfield Sales Partners Website Redesign: Home Page

Contact Page
Mansfield Sales Partners Website Redesign: Contact Us
About Us Page
Mansfield Sales Partners Website Redesign: About Us
Team Page
Mansfield Sales Partners Website Redesign: Team
Blog Post
Mansfield Sales Partners Website Redesign: Blog Post
Landing Page
Mansfield Sales Partner Website Redesign: Landing Page
NEW! What We Do
Mansfield Sales Partners Website Redesign: What We Do 

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