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Data Storage, Inc.When oil prices started dropping nearly two years ago, Scott Hambrick, president of Data Storage, Inc., a records storage and scanning company in Tulsa, Oklahoma, constantly fought the urge to panic. A huge portion of his business came from oil companies that scanned documents and well log files in preparation for acquisitions and divestitures.

Buying and selling in the oil industry came to a screeching halt. And so did the scanners in his large, full-service scan shop.

With no end to the slump in sight, Scott knew he had to develop another revenue source to replace the lost scanning revenue. He didn’t have to look further than the software he was using himself in his scanning facility.

Data Storage has been using document management software in its own operations for more than two decades. When a document is scanned in its Tulsa facility, it is digitized and then retrieved by a customer online… anywhere across the country.

Scanned documents need to integrate with dozens of different systems and workflow types used by companies of all sizes. It turns out that Scott and his team at Data Storage had become experts in all things related to document management. Data Storage has managed millions of online scanned documents for industries ranging from medical to manufacturing. Noticing an increase in inquiries about software from his own client base, and recognizing that software could provide an ongoing revenue stream, Scott shifted his energies from selling primarily scanning and storage to selling software as part of the overall solution – and our team was there to help him accomplish his objectives!

The Challenges:

One of the challenges was transforming his company’s local, “aw-shucks” image and website with a distinctly Mid-South appeal to one that would speak to IT managers, document specialists and software buyers located anywhere from California to New York.

Another challenge was accepting that most new documents aren’t being saved to paper anymore. Most documents are being saved digitally, and this reduces the demand for paper scanning and storage. So we needed to help create a messaging strategy for Data Storage that addressed these significant industry changes.

The Solution:

After a short experiment with a software-only website, Scott’s outsourced marketing team here at Precision Marketing Group merged the software content into his existing website, refreshed the design, and started replacing “local” language with maps of the U.S.

Here is a Before & After of the home page refresh – a faster and less expensive solution relative to a complete redesign that utilizes the site’s existing framework. Click to enlarge.


Then we started building out the Software section of the Data Storage website, creating more website pages, articles and other content about document management software and going paperless – creating a targeted shift in the messaging that was used to inform both prospects and current customers about Data Storage’s range of services and revamped direction.

Finally, AdWords resources were reallocated toward software-related themes to support this new messaging strategy.

Moreover, over the course of the last year, PMG held creative brainstorming and strategy sessions for Data Storage, recommending that Scott move his “Lunch and Learn” events to the web. We also encouraged Scott to infuse his conversational style into his promotions to better relate to his audience. One particular result that gave us a laugh? Scott’s email subject line to promote his first virtual event was a success: An inexpensive paperless system that doesn’t suck.

And afterwards, Scott Hambrick had this to say: “Leads have POURED in the last few days.  I’d say the inbound machine is manufacturing business again.” 

The Results:

One year later, Data Storage is now successfully generating software leads and revenue from companies throughout the U.S. as an authorized reseller of document management software such as DocuWare, ImageSilo and PaperVision. Software sales at Data Storage, Inc. have increased 800% in 2015 over the previous year. Furthermore, the company is successfully winning more scanning jobs and records storage business from companies on both the West Coast and East Coast, attracted by low prices, the company’s 40-year history, and the friendliness of his staff.

In spite of the company’s success with software sales, Scott is cautiously optimistic about the future. The need for document scanning and physical storage will continue to diminish as more documents are created electronically. In the meantime, Scott envisions the niche of companies like Data Storage as serving businesses who must set up and maintain electronic document workflows with secure cloud document storage but don’t have the staff and internal resources to manage this on their own. And he’s not holding his breath for a rebound in oil prices any time soon, either.

On working with PMG, Scott provided us with a testimonial that left us feeling proud and grateful! “These guys have taken our website from a sprawling, hard-to-navigate monster to a lean, optimized marketing machine. We are ranking #1 and #2 for all of our "hot" keywords in our geographic area and continue to expand on that success. Susan and her crew are a delight to work with; they are patient with me and have become trusted advisors. Hire them now.”

We’ve very much enjoyed partnering with Data Storage, Inc. throughout the process of improving their marketing and search engine optimization efforts, and we look forward to new opportunities as our engagement continues!

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Marcia Morgan, Marketing Consultant & SEO Specialist

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