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Remember the days of struggling to keep your eyes open in 9th grade geometry?  What about reading the same five lines of Shakespeare over and over again? Your customers don’t want to work at understanding your business any more than you wanted to slog through polynomial equations.

And as soon as your content starts to feel like heavy lifting, they may sneak out the door. So what’s the solution?

Do what your favorite teachers always did. Mix up your content a little. Humor helps. So does give and take (i.e. don’t do all the talking yourself.)

Most important, recognize that your audience represents different learning styles, with unique ways of processing new information.  Here’s a quick overview of customers’ most dominant learning styles, along with some easy suggestions on how to tailor your content accordingly:

Visual Learners

FACT: Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text.

A picture is worth a thousand blogs when it comes to customers who are predominantly visual learners. And we’re not talking about generic stock photos of random business people, either. For every two or three written pieces you create about a new product or service offering, try to develop a visual equivalent—like a workflow chart, a custom illustration, or an infographic.

This is not to say visual learners can’t comprehend an email blast or follow text-only directions on a landing page. But it helps to remember that most people are drawn to vibrant photos and colorful graphs. So use them!

Auditory Learners

FACT: Viewers are 85% more likely to purchase after watching a product video.

Auditory and aural learners prefer to hear new material. You can accommodate them by adding narrated video to your website. Further down the funnel, you may want to offer instructional webinars.

Creating these content assets doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive—especially if you’re working with a savvy marketing partner. But if you’re stalled in this capacity, you can still cater to auditory audiences by using rhythmic language and patterns in your written content.  “Do and Don’t” lists are a good example.

Kinesthetic Learners

FACT: Tangible materials leave a deeper footprint on the brain.

Think direct mail is dead? Millions of kinesthetic learners, or tactile learners, wouldn’t want to hear you say so. These physical learners need to absorb information by touching, using their hands, and moving around. If your offerings lend well to actual samples, you may want to consider a direct mail campaign. One of our clients, for example, recently sent a key ring of finished surface samples to their industrial coating prospects.

If mail doesn’t make sense, interactive online features can be just as engaging. Give physical learners a place to click, drag, and drop. You can also design specific pages to mimic the act of moving from Point A to Point B.

Verbal Learners

FACT: Social shares can trigger Google’s algorithm for “freshness,” giving your rank a temporary lift.

Language-loving, verbal learners are very happy to read your articles, editorials, and white papers, which is great for content marketers. Like all learners, verbals may lean toward more solitary or social learning preferences. Leverage the social subset of your verbal audience by enticing them to communicate with you on social platforms. They’re your best bet for extending your thought leadership and social currency.

If all this optimizing sounds like a lot of work, just for the sake of helping a few distracted “students,” rest assured that most of these content marketing tactics have broader benefits, too. Drop us a line and we’ll explain more!

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Liz O'Neill

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