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PMG Superstars!If you follow our blog or visit our resource center, then you know PMG is always working to inspire great marketing. But you may not know who’s fueling the effort. This month we’re pulling back the curtain, and introducing three PMG superstars: Robyn Bradley, Wendy Ducharme, and Marcia Morgan. Here’s Part One of our chat:

What do think differentiates PMG as an outsourced marketing agency? What do clients says about the work and the experience?

WD: The integrity of the founding partners pervades the whole agency. The people who work for PMG care about our clients, care about good work, and care about what is right, rather than what is most convenient or most lucrative for the firm. While we each have our own accounts, PMG team members work collaboratively. The depth of expertise available to each client is astounding.

RB: Maureen and Susan have done a great job of assembling a team of quality people with complementary skillsets. Marcia, for example, is the Queen of All Things SEO. Seriously, if I have an SEO question, I know I can go to her and get a reliable, helpful answer. Wendy is an amazing writer, but also an amazing account manager, so she’s great at staying on clients, keeping them accountable, and moving projects forward (Marcia is also great with the account management).

We also have plenty of “executioners,” as I call them, the awesome marketing coordinators who do a lot of the nitty-gritty work that the account managers hand them. Then, we have fabulous visual creative types, more wonderful writers, reliable tech people, and so forth. We have all the people an organization would need, and we can custom create your own virtual marketing department based on your organization’s specific needs. I think clients find we’re fun and easy to work with…AND we deliver. That, right there, is a winning combination.

MM: Ditto everything Robyn and Wendy said. Maureen and Susan have assembled a team of experienced, articulate, and talented professionals who are passionate about what they do.  I think PMG clients quickly learn they can trust the talent pool. Any of us can email the team with a question and know we’ll get an answer!

What talents do you bring to the PMG team?

WD: If I had to answer a question about what I do in one word – OK, two words – I would say I’m a marketing writer. That’s usually what I say when I’m at a party and somebody is politely asking what I do without really caring about the answer. But really I am a writer and a marketing strategist and an account manager and a publicist and sometimes an interpreter if a company is having a hard time articulating what they do in terms that ordinary people understand.

RB: I bring my edgy copywriting voice (that works particularly well for B2C and B2B clients who are willing to take risks with their copy) and my whip. Oh, what is this whip-thing, you ask? I’m known for being a bit of a taskmaster, both with clients and PMG team members (or task “mistress” if you want to get all PC about it). My nickname is “the copy bitch.” People tell me they say it with love. I’m not sure I always believe them. Something else I bring to the table that’s a bit unique is the ability to see the big picture—the 30,000-foot view from above—but also the ability to execute the little details (see taskmaster note above).

MM: Mine is an unusual talent: summarizing thoughts all day long with Google search snippets in mind. It reminds me of my Haiku poetry days. Today, I’m working with 150 characters for meta descriptions, grabbing attention in 70 characters or less for meta titles, and writing Google AdWords copy with line lengths of 25 and 35 characters.

What’s your dream assignment?

WD: After decades of working virtually, my dream assignment would be a project that actually involves collaborating face-to-face, preferably in a wonderful location such as Florence, Paris, or an exotic island. If the project involved helping people, it would be icing on the cake.

RB: Writing the copy for any and every George Clooney enterprise under the sun. Then, he would agree to turn one of my novels into a movie. Seems like a fair trade, doesn’t it?

MM: I am living my dream assignment. I get to help small business owners every day, working on marketing-related tasks they don’t know how to do and/or don’t have time to do.

Which celebrity would make the best brand representative for PMG?

MM: Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.

RB: Marcia hit the nail on the head. Then again, I’m sure you wouldn’t hear any complaints if we got Mr. Clooney.

WD: Marcia is absolutely right. PMG starts with Susan and Maureen, who are two incredibly funny, smart women. They’ve done a great job filling the PMG team with like-minded people who take their jobs very seriously without taking themselves too seriously. When we all got together for a holiday dinner at a restaurant, a woman at the nearby bar said that we couldn’t possibly be a group from work because we were having too much fun.

Check back for Part Two of our interview, when we discuss the challenges and misconceptions associated with content marketing.

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