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Facebook for Business, social media postsYour Facebook Timeline is up and running, you’ve accumulated tons of fans and you’ve received enough comments to develop a good relationship with them. But lately you’ve noticed a general lull in fan activity on your page and you’re eager to turn it around.

The question: What can you do to stimulate conversation on your Facebook business page and boost your social media performance? The answer: Questions, secrets, and tidbits.

  • Ask your audience simple questions related to your industry to which most people have an opinion or answer. For example, a bakery might ask: “Scones or bagels in the morning?” Or an independent magazine could ask which type of person they should profile next. Questions like these get people talking about things they care about and can help you figure out your next best business decision.
  • Secrets typically reveal something about a recent/upcoming event, product or service without giving away all of the facts. A clothing brand may advertise the features of a new jacket by uploading a photo with the caption “You’ll never guess where we’ve hidden all the extra pockets,” prompting people to then guess until the product is released or the secret revealed.
  • Tidbits are exactly what they sound like: little bits of information you think your fans could be interested in. It doesn’t need to be relevant to your business as long as it’s generally relevant or popular. You could post a status about your city’s basketball team or the most popular new movie among your own staff. Sometimes even a classic cat video is all people want to see.  Sharing something purely whimsical gives you a nice break from your Facebook routine and reminds your fans that your company is made up of real people whom they can feel they can connect with.

The right prompt will get people talking, so experiment with these three techniques and find out which work the best for your business. If “secrets” don’t seem to spark anyone’s attention, let it go. Use what works but also try new approaches. Your audience will change with time so your conversation tactics should as well.

Remember this:

Measuring your Facebook success is important, but don’t become obsessed with crunching numbers just yet. Before you have to calculate all your metrics you’ll be able to see how you’re doing simply by how active your fan page is and by how many more hits your website has received since creating your page. Save the Excel charts for later and focus of connecting with your audience now.

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