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Marketing Mistake AlertThe Mistake:

Allowing Busyness to Get in the Way of Your Marketing

You’re busy. You have more people interested in your services than you have bandwidth available to deliver them. As a result, you’re too afraid that marketing will overwhelm your business…so you don’t.

No matter how much business you have today, failing to market will drive your business into the ground. What if Microsoft, Coca-Cola or Oprah stopped marketing themselves when their brands went global? It’s hard to imagine, but their brands would have lost clout.

Without a consistent effort and focus on marketing, you’ll be forced to navigate substantial peaks and valleys. You need to market when you are at your busiest, so you still have work when the rush is over.

How to Avoid this Mistake:

The best thing you can do for your business is to figure out how you’ll handle excess business before it becomes a reality - maybe you can use temporary staff, 1099 contractors or other flexible solutions if you are not ready to commit to hiring employees.

Once you figure out the infrastructure piece, you can commit to making marketing a priority on an ongoing basis, not just when things get slow and you feel desperate. Today's marketers need to be visible to their key audiences consistently to stay top of mind - your prospects and customers will notice if you show up only when you need the business, so show them thatyou want a better relationship with them. 

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