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Social media, blogging, and linking are all the buzz right now, especially with B2B companies that aren't sure how to apply this to their sites. I've spent a fair amount of time over the past several weeks explaining to clients that none of this will help if visitors get to their site and don't find what they are looking for.

One of the biggest challenges for companies is getting valuable, relevant, original content onto their sites.

Why is this so important? When deciding which pages to display on search results, Google factors in:

  • time on page
  • bounce rate
  • number of visits
  • and number of returning visits

The more visits to a page and the longer people stay on the page, the easier it is for Google to say, "Hey, people think this page is relevant to that search term so let's push this one to the top!" Just a peek at a client's Google Analytics reveals a lot about why their website is or isn't working.

Bottom line: Promotional copy doesn't keep people coming back or staying long. It's valuable information that engages the user which helps rankings most, content that provides answers or solves problems. Isn't that why most of us turn to the Internet these days?

Once you get the relevant content on the site....

The other missing link for many professional, B2B clients is an outbound campaign that pulls people back into the site with links to information that will solve client problems. This drives valuable traffic to the site. For consumer clients, social media can be a great outbound tool to pull people to their sites. However, for businesses whose clientele is not glued to the smart phone, good ol' email is still a good choice.

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Marcia Morgan | Marketing Consultant & SEO Specialist
Marcia Morgan, Marketing Consultant & SEO Specialist

Marcia Morgan has been a Marketing Consultant for PMG since late 2012. When she’s not playing outside to avoid her blogging responsibility, she’s watching trends in website strategy, SEO and PPC or writing about the ever-shifting Google and best practices on how to master it. She loves to show her readers how conquering Google can pay off – and help them help themselves!

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