Guest post by Peter Dennis, President of PMD Sales Training & Consulting.
Peter DennisWhat’s the first key step after you finish a productive sales call with a prospect?  Well, of course, it’s conveying your appreciation and thanks to the prospect for taking the time to meet with you! 

We live in a culture and society predicated on the speed and efficiency of electronic communication and, as a result, our first inclination after meeting with a prospect is to shoot off that easy "Thank You" e-mail to keep our message warm and continue the relationship.  

It’s all too easy to send the “Thank You” e-mail.   And, in addition to being easy, it does little to truly differentiate yourself, and your product of service, from your competition.    Rather than taking 45 seconds to send the thank you e-mail, take five minutes to write a personalized thank you note card on quality stationery to your prospect.  

Supplement the thank you sentiment with a brief comment about a specific element of your discussion and then conclude the message with a concise recap on the next step of the developing relationship.   (Even in the case of a prospect that isn’t going to buy from you in the near term, you can suggest the possibility of a referral to someone they know who may benefit from your product or service.)  

The extra steps of taking the time to express your appreciation in this manner will differentiate you from your competition and will pay tremendous benefits as your grow your business.  I have seen this form of delivery get immediate, positive results time and time again and I am sure it will get results for you! 

Peter Dennis is president of PMD Sales Training & Consulting, a firm he founded in 2008 after 25+ years as a sales executive and trainer.

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