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social media news digestRemember when you would have a stack of magazines on your coffee table, thumbing through them during the week? Well, you still might be doing that, but the concept of a social media magazine is growing stronger and stronger, especially with Apple’s 2010 Application of the Year and our PMG C.O.W., Flipboard.

The short version of how Flipboard works: as your friends post stories and links as status updates, you can flip through these stories smoothly, reading the articles as articles. As you are flipping through stories in your Flipboard digest, you can directly comment and share anything you read, which streamlines the idea of information sharing. So, if you are diving into your social connections and online networks (as you should be!), the information out there can be consumed easily through this handy application.

Flipboard also continues to excel in other ways. They are partnering with more and more publishers to push out more content, have Instagram integration, are improving the speed at which content loads, and they are even making the interface more user-friendly. Oh, and did I mention this application is free? Granted, you need an iPad, but still – not too shabby.

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